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  1. wow Rich...another nice addition
  2. Pickle's N-R Breeders Lounge

    What did you get? Or are you going to make us guess? Whatever it is I'm sure I want one.
  3. I have a couple of Doni's Grade A's from a few years ago and they are beautiful and similar but I still like Rich's BA Clowns more (...Don't tell my Snow's....). The dark patterns make them absolutely amazing. My kids call them the cow clowns. VS.
  4. Thank you. But most of the credit goes to Rich (Rrcg50) for raising such great clownfish.
  5. Hey Rich here are a few shots of the two Bad A$$ clowns I got from you last fall...They must be close to one year old now. Let me know when you have more ready to go or some of your new Wyoming Whites. Thanks again, Jasen and
  6. Congrats Rrcg! Great looking clowns, I would like to get a few when they are ready but The Bad As$ clowns I got from you last fall are still my favorites and some of the nicest clowns I have seen anywhere. Keep up the great work and let me know when you have some more ready. Jasen
  7. Pickle's N-R Breeders Lounge

    Glibed, I like to add water from the outlet of the local nuclear power plant to my broodstock, it's a great way to boost the genetic abnormalities in Amphiprioninae sp... just kidding....actually, I noticed that today as well and I am not really sure why it is more neon green than the usual pea soup. The only things I can think of are: I just added formula two small pellets (green) into the food rotation or I did add some Caulerpa (marco algae) to the system a couple of days ago that seems to be melting away rapidly, but I cleaned the entire skimmer today and I will see how it looks tomorrow. J
  8. Pickle's N-R Breeders Lounge

    I would support the middle front and back of each shelf and maybe some extra supprot/joists under each shelf. ( I used a sideways 2x4 but a piece of metal welded in would be ideal) and that is actually one of my 40's on the very top self, I am thinking of running my r.o. line up there for top off and abnother 40' to mix saltwater in so I can use gravity & valves for top off and water changes.
  9. Pickle's N-R Breeders Lounge

    just measured, it looks like 5 40's would fit on each shelf with about 6" to spare.and the overhang about 3" on the front and back. I scored 12 40's with petco's last $1 gal sale. I made friends with the store manager and they just "happened" to have a huge surplus of 40's when the last sale launched.
  10. Pickle's N-R Breeders Lounge

    that is correct... and the stand is 8' x 30" which is nice to have the 6" ledge in front of the tank to place things on but the 24" wide rack would have supported the tanks better. And If you decide to build; my 1st two tanks had standard teeth or baffles between each section and was a flow throiugh design which ended up being a PITA! The fish were constantly swiming through and visiting the neighbors and I had to throttle back the flow to not overflow the 1 1/2 overflow box. With the V 2.0 tanks I drilled a few 1/8 holes in each divider and a bunch of 1/4 holes in the back to drain into a Calfo or full length overflow with two 1 1/2 drains and I am much happier with those tanks. Let me know if you want more pics or I can Pm you my number or email if you want to discuss it more. J
  11. Pickle's N-R Breeders Lounge

    Thanks Pickles, I actually ended up reinforcing the center of the gorilla rack and putting in extra joist every 12" or so to get rid of the sag and sprayed it all gloss black. I made the tanks out of 1/4" cell cast arcylic but on Eric's tanks. They are 48x24x12" and I have four of them on the rank along with 2 100G BRT and a couple of 40 breeders off to the side. Here are a few more shots from today...man, I thought my tanks were clean, but I never mess with the flower pots so they look pretty nasty. I was sorta able to get a shot of the snowflake pair that spawned, the eggs are lower right on the tile.
  12. Pickle's N-R Breeders Lounge

    Lights went out on top tanks before I could get a shot of the snowflakes but here is what I was able to get shots of (typicall crappy fish photos, sorry) and a shot of my broodstock system ( again top lights already switched off for the night) and correction today was my B&W/Occy pair, snowflakes were yesterday. Thanks again Pickles I couldn't have done it with all the usefull info in your thread....yep, its all you fault
  13. Pickle's N-R Breeders Lounge

    WOOO HOOOO....Thanks for all the great info pickles (and others) I had 4 pairs lay eggs today!!!! Regular ocellaris, Extreme snowflake, Grade A Picasso and my Sno..uhhh other grade A !!!!
  14. Pickle's N-R Breeders Lounge

    Yea!!!!! Finally my first spawn! Occy & Full snowflake......and we leave for vacation tomorrow But, I couldnt have made it this far without all the great info and help on here...thanks again everyone Jasen
  15. wow, great fish Rich....when will they be ready to ship?