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    SCUBA, Reading, Soccer, little glass boxes with all these colorful things that swim around and absorb countless hours of my time
  1. Reef Keeper Lite (RKL)

    Okay so wasn't sure if this belonged in the equipment forum or here, but since I am a noob I figured this was a good place to start. I have a new RKL with a temperature probe. All the directions though on the probe are really vague. The directions go into great detail on how to setup everything else except the probe which makes me think I am either an idiot or totally over thinking how to get this working and to display the temp on my main screen. So could anyone give me a step by step (for dummies) rundown on how to get this up and running properly. Thanks in advance.
  2. What are probes

    since this thread has started on probes I thought I would ask a couple of questions. I am the proud new owner of a digital aquatics reefkeeper lite (not working right yet). I need help. It would seem relatively simple to set this up but I am struggling and the directions are well not real clear. Here is the dilemma I am running my RKL and a pc4 my (itemp) probe is hooked up to the pc4. When I go into the itemp screen though it is asking me to calibrate. its a freaking thermometer why the heck do i have to calibrate it? Do I need another thermometer to check the temp then input it into my itemp controller? next along with the temp calibration there is another number to the right that fluctuates rapidly in the 600's what is this and what do I do? Finally, how do I get the temp to show up on my main rkl screen? Help please
  3. Disaster's 80gal + 15gal SPS Reef Tank

    disaster, I just read through the entire thread for the first time. It was great to see the failures and success you have experienced. It must be hard to lose coral and tangs like that but your perseverance has paid off as the tank is great. How is the new tank doing since you noticed the ick and dorsal spot? I hope it makes it. btw your frogspawn is amazing. Sorry for my ignorance but what is the super bright coral on the substrate front right of the tank? You may have mentioned earlier, but I missed it.
  4. Nick's sps 45 cube

    on your notes about the digital aquatics reefkeeper, it is definitely worth the money. Right now marinedepot.com is running a sale for the reefkeeper lite a ph probe themometer and four plug programmable power strip for $189 I bought it and am waiting on it to come in. Beautiful tank I can't wait to see it another 6 months down the road.
  5. CRAB!

    The composition in this image is phenomenal not to mention very artistic and very atypical. This photo gets my vote as the crab is truly what catches your eye unlike a few other entries this month.
  6. Ultimate LED guide

    Okay LED guru's I am so close to having all of this figured out for my DIY custom hood for my 20g nano. Hopefully, the following questions will be my last before ordering all of my materials. Below is a rundown of what I am looking at using. 10x14 heat sink - heatsinkusa 9 CREE XP-E (royal blue) max current 1000ma 3.4volt 9 CREE XP-G (cool white) max current 1000ma 3.4volt 6 0.5watt 5mm LED's UV 6 0.5watt 5mm LED's Royal Blue 4 buckpucks 1000ma serial: 3023-D-E-XXXP (dimming w/ potentiometers) max input 32v DC 1000ma 1 92mm Vortech Stealth fan 12v Power Supply ??? (help) Here is what I am hoping to do... buckpuck1 for 6 CREES buckpuck2 for 6 CREES buckpuck3 for 6 CREES buckpuck4 for 12 5mm moonlights I would like to run all of these drivers and the fan through one power supply, is this possible and if so how much power do I need? Next is there a way to incorporate a timer between the power supply and the drivers? All of this I think would prevent me from having multiple power cords and timers etc. right? Finally, does anyone have a recommendation on a timer with four channels to operate all of the different light drivers? I hope I am not completely missing this here but if so please let me know. Thanks- Nate
  7. IMG_0101

    I wish my tank could support one. Maybe one of these days.

    Nano-reefers you guys are awesome I have looked at purchasing a tank from glass cages then I saw this thread I will defi
  9. August 2010 - Sushi

    By far one of my top 5 favorites on nano-reefs.
  10. Platygyra AKA Brain Maze

    So I am looking at placing a platygyra (brain maze) in my 20g nano. I have always been fascinated with these since I was a little kid, but I have never had an LPS before and have no idea what to expect. I know they feed at night with sweeper arms or at least that is what I have been told. How long do these sweeper arms extend and how dangerous are they for my fish (clowns, gobies, wrasse "reef safe of course")? What about lighting requirements (my daylighting consists of 54 watts of LED lighting 60/40 split cool white and acitinic blue. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  11. Ultimate LED guide

    Hey Everyone I need help, this is my first post and I am jumping in with both feet as I am brand new to this whole marine aquarium thing. Anyways, I am building an LED light system for my 20 gallon Nano, the whole thing is custom with no retro fitting. The viewing area tank dimensions in inches are 14L x 19.50W x 17.50H. The tank will be housing an anenome, feather duster, and a couple of zoanthids (and of course a few fish). Right now I am planning on using 16 CREE LEDS (half cool white and half royal blue) with a total output of 48watts. Is this enough for my tank considering the dimensions and what will be growing? Next, I am also thinking about going ahead and wiring in LED moon lighting and uv lighting for the night cycle. How many watts do I need to accomplish a moonlighting cycle? Right now I am thinking like 4 watts total. Finally, does anyone know where to purchase UV LED's? I have looked at several websites listed in the thread but can't seem to find one with those. On second thought do I even need UV wavelength LED's for a good night display or are they even beneficial for the tank mates? Thanks Hey Everyone I need help, this is my first post and I am