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  1. Return Pump

    I've heard that the Sicce Synchras and the Tunze Silence are the same pump. They certainly look the same. Not sure which company makes it, though I would guess Tunze since both brands offer a ~630GPH model, and the Tunze is about $50 less.
  2. Return Pump

    I've been really happy with my Tunze Silence pump. It comes in several sizes. Mine is 1073.020, which moves 634gph, and costs about $90. Tunze stocks a wide range of replacement parts, should you need them.
  3. sold

    Can you give dimensions of the entire sump, and also of each chamber? Do you recall the brand? And is it glass? Where in NJ? Oh, sorry. Just realized total size is in the title.
  4. Glass-Holes overflow question

    I mounted mine high enough in the tank so that the waterline comes about 1/2" up the teeth. Haven't lost any fish yet. The smallest fish I've kept is just under 2".
  5. Loud buzz from return pump

    False alarm. The sound was coming from my ATO pump, which is right next to the return. Stopping the return lifted the float, thus stopping the buzz. Not sure how I missed this. Might have someting to do with it being 5am.
  6. Early this morning I woke up to a loud buzzing sound that was coming from my return pump. It is a Tunze 1073.20 good for 634 gph. I've been using it with no trouble for over two years. Lifting the pump slightly does nothing so I don't think the sound is due to vibration against the sump. When I turn the pump off, wait a few minutes, then turn it back on, it works fine for a minute or so before resuming the sound. I have no way to measure the exact flow, but it appears to be pumping fine. I took the pump out, dissasembled it, and made sure nothing was blocking the impeller, but the sounds persists. I should mention that I redesigned my sump and return lines about a week ago. I added a manifold with three gate valves: 1 for the main return line, and one each for carbon and phosban reactors. But everyting was fine for a full week before the sound started. The sound is too loud to live with. Any suggestions?
  7. Black bubble on new hammer coral

    Okay,thanks very much for the tips. Will carefully take care of it in the morning.
  8. Black bubble on new hammer coral

    Thanks. Can it wait until normal tank maintenance in the morning, or is it urgent?
  9. Where to buy small reactor fittings

    Thanks to CrazyCarl for suggesting Mcmaster-Carr. They had everything I needed.
  10. Where to buy small reactor fittings

    I'm sure there are some plumbing supply houses nearby, but in the past, I've had trouble finding one that will deal with the general public. Many only sell to licensed plumbers. For now, I'm hoping to find parts online. If that doesn't work out, I'll start looking locally.
  11. Where to buy small reactor fittings

    It mostly comes down to pressure. Larger/longer hose will require a stronger pump. Note that I am already running three "tees" so I don't have much pressure to spare. If the correct parts exist, I would like to find them. Anyone have any ideas?
  12. Where to buy small reactor fittings

    They don't have 3/8 though. That appears to be the problem. Not many places carry 3/8 fittings, and those that do, don't have elbows, reducers, etc.
  13. I just bought two Precision Marine sr35 reactors. They came with strait 3/8 MPT x 1/2 hose barb fittings. I don't have much space to work with so I need to convert these to 90 degree elbows to avoid kinking the 1/2 hoses. One fitting on each reactor will have to be extended so both elbows can be screwed in properly. Here's what I think I need: 2 x 3/8 MPT x 1/2 hose barb 90 degree elbows 2 x 3/8 FPT x 1/2 hose barb 90 degree elbows 2 x 3/8 MPT x 3/8 MPT nipples I'm having a really difficult time finding these fittings. I've found the first and third items, at two different sites, but one of them requires a minimum order of $25. I have no idea where to get the second item (3/8 FPT x 1/2 hose barb 90 degree elbows). Suggested websites, stores, brands, or alternate work-arounds greatly appreciated. I am attaching a photo to clear things up. Eric
  14. I understand these two pumps are the same physical size. Various online retailers list them as 8.6" x 4.6" x 6.3". That sound big so I wonder if these dimensions include the packaging. Can someone who has one of these pumps say if it is that size, or smaller? Thanks.