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  1. d0lph1n

    Wtb: Cryptic fauna

    Thanks, I'm ok for now. Yesterday I received an order from Steven Tyree - Reeffarmers.com
  2. d0lph1n

    Wtb: Cryptic fauna

    I'm interested in seeding my cryptic zone. Location: Southern CA Zip: 92660
  3. I'm interest in purchasing : 10-20 mini brittle stars 2-3 hair worms Location: Southern CA Zip: 92660
  4. d0lph1n

    December 5, 2013

    I appreciate it. That might be the last photo before upgrading from 2x 7.5-gal cube to 25-gal cube plus 7.5-gal sump
  5. d0lph1n


    Dec 5, 2013 Recovering after a bad case of algae.
  6. d0lph1n

    March 17

    Thanks. I just realized the "coated" magnets are rusting so I'll make some changes. New photos soon.
  7. d0lph1n

    March 17

    Me too but it's growing very fast, it worries me it might get way too big. The SPS seems fine so far.
  8. d0lph1n


    Locally, talk to Ali from Amazing Aquariums. It does stick to the hand, very active. Bcz it came in a pvc pipe, I was able to put it in the susbtrate, no issues so far, no signs of agressions. The PAR level, mid day is around 200 and the flow is medium. I have another one in the 2nd tank, it arrived loose, so it decided to mount itself next to an open brain and she did some brain damage until I had to move the nem away in a corner. It was pissed off for a couple of days but after that it mounted itself to the bottom glass. The PAR level is aprox the same but with a lot more flow.
  9. d0lph1n

    March 17

    testing 55-200mm kit lens // pumps & lights on
  10. d0lph1n


    Thanks dude. I got the rock nem from aquascapers. It's awesome, it came mounted in a pvc pipe thing. I feed the nem 1-2 / week fauna marin pellets and/or unfrozen bits of frozen fish of the day. It's very active and it looks amazing under actinic.
  11. d0lph1n


    March 17 update. The red algae is growing new leaves. The green algae from glass is dying off.
  12. d0lph1n

    March 17

    Red macroalgae is growing. More info