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  1. d0lph1n

    March 17

    Red macroalgae is growing. More info
  2. d0lph1n

    Blennissimo (Eye crop)

    A friendly Tailspot Blenny in my tank
  3. d0lph1n

    Welcome to Blennyhana

    ..said the friendly Tailspot Blenny. to be continued
  4. d0lph1n

    February 26

    I've been experimenting with new foods, more feedings, less skimming and cleaning only of the front glass. More info
  5. d0lph1n

    Fighter's Eye (ver 2)

    Fighting Conch with 35mm F1.8 lens, reverse mounted, F1.8 More info
  6. d0lph1n


    Video Air bubbles trapped in the Rock Anemone's mouth. 35mm F1.8 lens, reverse mounted, unknown aperture.
  7. d0lph1n

    Flower anemone

    My first flower anemone was purchased today from Aquascapers. It will arrive Friday. Any suggestions?
  8. Interesting reaction. The sound track was mixed from the intro of the indian song by Anoushka Shankar: "Ghost story"
  9. d0lph1n

    What kind of water do you use?

    RO/Di Spectrapure
  10. d0lph1n

    Where did your liverock come from?

    Few cryptic rocks from Reef Farmers picked up locally before they (he) moved to FL...and some dry rock from Marine Depot
  11. d0lph1n

    How do you measure the salinity of your reef?

    Sybon Refractometer calibrated with Salifert Refracto-check 35 PSU and/or Pinpoint Calibration Fluid 35 ppt