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  1. Ive seen there was alot of devastation going on in florida due to the red tide outbreak and hurricane.I have a extra tank if theres some way to maybe take care of some fish or something like that.I see it as a way of helping but i doubt anyone is willing to help in this sort of way. I was in florida three years ago and i remember seeing a bunch of tumbling brownish rolling waves uasually with a mix of a vine type algae that was dying off.This stuff would wash up on the beach and settle at the wave line on the sand building up into long streches of buildup about 12 inches high.Basicly it was stuff washing in i think from out at sea and depositing it on land.When i first seen it i thought it was a good spot to look for small critters tangled up in it and you could uasually find a few small sea urchins in it.Walking in this stuff that just rolled up on the beach was to pleasent and it was fresh stuff that washed up.In this area i noticed that there seemed to be some sort of airborne bacteria that would icth my feet and i would notice a slight redness on my skin on the lower legs.It feels like some microscopic flesh eating bacteria.Ive looked online at pictures and see alot of dead animals with this redish burn which makes me to beleive that the red tide is actually more of a flesh eating bacteria and not just a simple case of red algae.In my opinion the algae go after things and try to attach themselfs and attack right away and creatures just land up being overwhelemed and thier immune system cant handle the rate at which the red tide spreads. When i left fort lauderdale airport i flew over the coast for a few minutes and as we flew over the ocean to turn around towards the midwest i flew over a area about two to five miles out and when you looked out the window you could see mile long light brown whip shaped streaks.I thought it might be oil and it was something you wouldnt want to swim in after seeing it from the air.But this brings doubt and question in my mind to what was i actaully seeing from the plane as my mind traces back to another instance of something i seen on the beach.I remember what i could best describe as wet brown soggy cake about the size of a peice of cake.It had holes in it like cake but was totaly mushy and would deflate when touching it.To me it appeared as a man made chemical that floted to the beach.I think the long streaks of stuff i was seeing from the plane was some sort of cleanup material used to clean up something and then have it roll onto the beach.Im not sure what this stuff was but it was certainly toxic. So you basicly have a infection that reaches like a mile or two out in my opinion from the beaches and all that stuff is just washing ashore.Aqquireing more information on red tide is in my intrests to maybe coming up with some sort of solution.
  2. I think your tank will only get better in time and I really like the a can colony you have its such a odd color.Have a great day.
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    200 not mine
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    Its for sale 100 bucks on a website.lobo
  6. Dont have and white pimple things on them do they?
  7. I would keep the 12 and get something else
  8. Ya tulipgirl but i have twirling syixks of fire! Ewww ahhh lol
  9. Such a nice setup....i take it times are rough.
  10. Wow those are some extreme quotes lol.thosr were probally closed lol
  11. I think its better off.fighting algae seems a common issue.if u can keep them off i would.it migjt cteaye dieoff on liverock though...such as coraline algae