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  1. Clown Hosting

    Nice photos.I like normal looking clown fish.
  2. Biggest Purchase for my tank so far! Beast light

    I bought the tuna blue on eBay for 275 shipped.I was worried about getting ripped off but it was new and only took 5 days
  3. White Splotch on rock?

    Well u could take the rock out and smell it.
  4. My Rockin' Flower Garden!

    Well I just stumbled on your good news and congratulations.I have only one green tentacle and orange mouth flower nem.I think there really fun.I like how fast it opens up as soon as light touches it and they are fun to mess with every so often.Big pay off there as well.it sucks I can't see pictures on this crappy phone though.I will pro ally go on a PC sooner or later and check them out.
  5. Anthonys 5 Gallon Tanks

    NOTE : RESEARCH DORVILLEDALE WORM.BYROSIS EATING WORM.CHECK SPELL AND USE AUTOSPELL. Mr.microscope I'm in Indiana working for a few months.I would if I was down there.Thanks.
  6. Bryopsis eating worm?

    Do you think you could catch a few?I'd like to have some in my tank.
  7. Bloomington IndianaTrade

    Thanks.....man this place is in the middle of no where but does have some atmosphere.
  8. White Splotch on rock?

    White is never really a good sign.Could be a dead sponge or a disease spreading.if its growing quickly its pro ally bacteria spreading on whatever died there.
  9. Good static I've come up with.
  10. Anthonys 5 Gallon Tanks

    Very small detail paintbrush works well for removing algae from zoas. Palythoa grand is brown strips indicate its health with dark brown stripes signaling health.Coral will shed these stripes when not doing well and regain them in good conditions.
  11. Bloomington IndianaTrade

  12. Bloomington IndianaTrade

    Hi I have a few corals I'd like to trade.Post here if interested as I don't check private messages since I'm not online here much.
  13. Kat's Tea Party Under the Tree - Retired

    Your tank is like disneyland x10 I like the flower pots the best.
  14. Random zoas FS/FT

    Ya Hawaii would be nice. http://s1210.photobucket.com/user/boulderopalhunter/media/IMG_20141001_213638.jpg.html'>
  15. Help with injured clam hitchhiker

    They uasually multiply within a year so you find other hidden ones poping up.its cool to have a few differnt kinds.