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  1. My green monti, 8 days of growth/Update thread

    my guess is the piece is still adjusting to the tank. on my cap, the tissue started getting more full sort of like your piece. now the edges are definately growing, more white and purple. haven't figured out which part of the coral grows faster, so far the rim that is not in contact with anything is growing best. i may end up remounting my frag onto a magfloat so that i can put in on the side of the tank.
  2. Woke up to look at tank..

    good ol pods, not ich. also be on the lookout for peanut worms at night. my guess is that you'll see bristleworms next.

    so sad that it isn't at least a good looking flower pot. keep your more precious coral away. gonipora are mean. at macna in washington dc, there was a talk on gonipora and keeping them alive for longer periods of time. it seemeed like a lot of work and still pretty experimental. enjoy it while you can.
  4. Green Star Polyp Placement

    in the battle for rock in my tank surprisingly gsp has been neutralized by anthelias. the long sweeping stalks of the anthelias keeps the gsp from gaining much more than a toehold. i wish it were the other way as i am tired of removing the anthelias by hand.
  5. Sick Anthelias? White spots on the tips?

    look to see if it is battling nearby coral. mine will close up if it gets to close to the gsp or the frogspawn.
  6. frogspawn gluing

    i also plug mine into the cracks of the rock. my brother in law mount them on epoxy mounds on large rocks in the tank. i think his way is better because he gets more growth and division. the flow is probably better. also a bigger rock is better because if it really starts growing the base will offer more support and it takes a long time to hide an epoxy job both good and bad.
  7. mods redirect to newb section
  8. hammer looking bad...

    i put a healing frogspawn (the head was split in half while fragging) in my display tank, and it was promptly killed overnight. i accuse my pep shrimp of wanting tasty unprotected guts for the demise.
  9. acropora with white tips....good or bad?

    better put some good flow on that piece. the branching is a result of good flow and lots of light.
  10. SPS Experts - HELP

    i had an orange monti digi growing well in a 10g clown tank with no skimmer and 96w quad light. so think it is just a matter of getting some cheap frags at swap and trying it out.
  11. one inch ricordia for forty bucks, good or bad

    figure $6 a green head for ric florida wholesale. other colors more expensive. shouldn't have to pay more than $20 a head for any color other than gold. if anyone knows a good source let me know. rics ship easy, but with the seaon change i'm not willing to risk shipping to you. sad because i have so many that i would be willing to sell.
  12. Ricordea placement

    i have lots of ricordia florida. i don't pay as much attention to them as i used to. when initially purchased, a lot of them had multiple mouths. they stayed like that for a long time. just recently, i've noticed that many of them had split. the only thing that i noticed was that the where they tended to crimp up and fold was were the eventual split took place. they still have multiple mouths and are attached to the original rock. there may be a reason why they finally decided to split, but i don't know what it is. as for feeding, since i've added a shrimp to the display tank, i didn't want to jeapordize the ricordia by having them as a stomach full of food for a shrimp to get at.
  13. Flow for Euphyllia (Hammer / Frogspawn / Torch)?

    indirect flow? i have three in three different tanks. in two tanks they are sit in the valley below some high flow areas. in the other, it is at the bottom where the flow is pretty gentle. very little swaying going on.
  14. How much cal, alk and mag do you consume daily?

    for my 18g tank, i used to dose 13ml tech a/b per day. also needed to suppliment with seachem calc and alk in the middle of the week to get to my desired levels. don't dose now that i am using a calc reactor. reefing is more fun now that i use the reactor.