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  1. HAHAHA! You're not exactly Mr. Popularity over at RC. Your threads have been closed several times (without my involvement) and you've been warned by mods more than once... all in the month that you've been a member. Here's the problem I have with you: You come to both RC and this site and do nothing but buy and sell. You have contributed absolutely NOTHING to this community, yet you want to reap the benefits. You are in this for a profit, plain and simple- it has absolutely nothing to do with my "pathetic life" (which I thought was going quite well... but if you say so...) Digging my own grave? I don't know about that, but I do know that I have to dig myself out of all your BS.
  2. No not really... I'm not the one resorting to the defense of an 8 year old.
  3. I do? Means a lot to me coming from a scam artist... I don't make you look bad. I just point out where you make yourself look bad.
  4. The messges on your site were posted on September 9th, 2005. Ages, huh?
  5. What a phenominal showpiece your reef is... It looks like crap! Why would ANYONE want to buy frags from someone you can't even create a nice looking tank?
  6. I've never PM'd you... but this statement demonstrates your lack of credibility Your thread? I thought this site belonged to Christopher Marks? I'm an auditor. This is what I do with my life... and I've been pretty successful at it. I guess that's why it's so easy for me to find all the inconsistencies in your posts. For example... you originally said you traded a Boston faceplate. When I said Boston didn't make decks, you chaged to a Sony. When I said to faceplate alone is useless, aal the sudden it's the whole head unit. Your story is pretty dynamic...
  7. XPLOD is Sony and there are no $400 XPLOD CD decks. They are MUCH cheaper than that. And on top of that, the rear portion of the unit will cost almost as much as both pieces to replace, rendering the faceplate pretty much useless (thus the porpose of a removable face plate - it's not worth having the system unless you have both pieces) Not one bit. And from the number of PMs I've received regarding you, there are a lot of others here that don't either. It really doesn't take much time to find holes in your posts... you should put more effort into your scams... And the fact that you are trying to start a "coral farm", yet haven't even had a nice reef tank, leads me to believe that you are in it for nothing but profit. To quote Icky, "at the end of the day petty name calling is the defence of somebody without any real defence" So your sister left you a brand new, in the box amp and sub, but only the faceplate of the stereo? Sounds a little suspicious to me... If you want to get ripped off on a speaker system, contact ZURC aka MIKE aka LOWBALLER
  8. Interesting... I didn't know that Boston made head units. Apparently Boston's webmaster isn't aware of this either. (http://www.bostonacoustics.com/) Feel free to point me to the model... even in the tech support section (and don't tell me they stopped making it and pulled it from the site, because the support section even lists the speakers my parents bought 25 years ago) Boston Acoustics makes speakers and amplifiers for car audio, not head units. Oh what a tangled web we weave...
  9. Maybe you don't have any pics because the tank was never setup. You bought it less than 3 weeks ago for $200. Now you're trying to flip it for a 100% + profit. http://reefcentral.com/forums/showthread.p...threadid=671022 Once again, why do you try to lowball everyone else, but try to make a huge profit when you try to sell something?
  10. Sickly snails?

  11. Help Please!!!

    Teflon tape is fine.
  12. Sickly snails?

    I do the same. I place them on top of a powerhead or return and let them enter the water on their own.
  13. You can't assume all is good just because the test show low/no nutrients. It is likely that the algae is sucking up the nutrients as fast as they are produced.
  14. LED idea

    I'm just outside of Toronto. I haven't really had any problems finding chaeto here. If you post on www.aquariumpros.ca, I'm sure you'll find some in your area.
  15. resistor mathematics?

    Wouldn't that be 10.5v total?