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  1. Finally some good Octopus photos a video too

    I can't say I ever gave any thought to owning one, but this post is just incredible, As are your pictures!. I think I would have probably freaked out had he grabbed onto my arm with all eight of his.
  2. Help: Coralife skimmer overflowing

    So far I cannot see any water coming out of exit tube. ( I am going to try to prime it like you said when I get home and see if this will help force the water through the exit tube). At the moment, I do not see any bubbles coming into the chamber at all, unless I blow into the airline. Just a question, should there be an air pump set up with this unit? I thought the pump would just pull the air in as it ran. I did take the inlet off the pump to be sure the air inlet was clear, but everything seemed OK. I haven't done any mods to the unit or anything. I got this skimmer off of a temporary tank they had set up at my LFS and it seemed to work fine. The unit is only a couple of months old, but I have no box or instructions, but I downloaded instructions online and tried following them. I will try placing the unit in the sink like you recommended and see what I come up with. Thanks for all the input Fish, I'm sure I'm just missing something stupid.
  3. Help: Coralife skimmer overflowing

    I think I am going to set a 10g tank in a 50g rubbermaid container to set flow rates and such. I do not have a problem with bubbles overflowing, since there are no bubbles to speak of. I plug it in and the water fills all the way up and over the cup. I cleaned everything out again last night, but it seems as though something is wrong with the return pipe. I can't get any water to go through the return once its set up on the tank. If I put it in the sink, the tube is clear and flows great. I spent about 2 hrs on it last night, got it all back together, put it on the tank, and as soon as I plugged it in, it overflowed again.
  4. IMO the perfect background!

    Aside from all the BS....I think that is a great idea. Like someone else said, it would be great for any tank to add the extra dimension.
  5. Got home today to find this!

    Thats Cool !! Glad the ph was off.
  6. Worst purchase, biggest regrets?

    First was a large carpet anemone, within the first week, it ate almost everything in my 55g, fish,shrimp, anything that got close was food. Then it moved up the back wall of the tank and covered my overflow. Good thing the tank was in the basement, I had about 15 gallons of slatwater all over the place. The next was my first 125g mixed reef. My LFS sold me a stingray. It was really cool for about a month. I woke up on Saturday, it was dead, by noon, everything else in the tank was dead.
  7. Help: Coralife skimmer overflowing

    I guess I will disassemble it tonight and see if I missed anything. I would like it to work since i already have it. Thanks for replying, I'm glad to hear someone is having good luck with it and I'll just keep trying.
  8. Does anyone have any experience with these Coralife super skimmers? I have tried numerous times to set this thing up, and all it does is overflow. Not with bubbles, but with water. I plug it in, the pump comes on, and it just keeps filling all the way up. I have shortened the inlet so the pump is approx 3" below the water surface, made sure all line are cleaned, have dial adjusted all the way down. Nothing changes. So am I missing something? ...are these skimmers junk? ...not opposed to buying a new one, but I already have this one if it will work. Any input is appreciated, Thanks.
  9. My new 29 gallon build!

    Sorry about that, plymouth pets is in Plymouth NH. On rt25 across from super Walmart. Decent selection, very clean tanks, and quite knowledgable help.
  10. Table saw blade for acrylic?

    If this is a one time thing, I would just pick up a standard plywood blade for the table saw. Its not carbide tipped, but the teeth are so small, you will not have any worries of it catching or chipping. the best part is they are under or around 10 bucks. I used one for my circular saw and it was like $5.00
  11. My new 29 gallon build!

    "Just 15 min out of middlebury. I also go to burlington. You go to the pet advantage? Their a good little shop. expencive, but good cusemer suervive and the like." The only two places that seem to have knowledgable customer svc and keep their tanks in nice shape that I have found are Pet Advantage, and Plymouth Pets. Most people I talk to use Pet Adv though. 10-15 years ago, when I was in Ohio, My brother and I would take a Saturday afternoon and drive from shop to shop and hit about 8 different places. I don't think we have that many here in the entire state! lol!
  12. 10G Stand Stand

    I have built quite a few book cases and stands in the past which are usually tippy, especially when empty. What I do with almost every book case, is I will find a stud (or 2 depending on size) and iwill screw a small piec of cable to the wall and to the cabinet in a place out of site, but as close to the top as possible. don't really want much or any slack in the cable. Since it won't tip far enough to get any real weight on the cable, it does not need to be real thick either. Just an idea, hope it helps
  13. Dnic's 29g

    That tank looks GREAT! Definately gives me something to look forward to. Great pics, and that torch looks awsome!
  14. Xris's 20H - Here we go.

    Tank looks Great! I like seeng the pics from day1 to present....Give me alot of hope since I just started mine. Awsome job so far! !
  15. My new 29 gallon build!

    Thanks Mini ! So, I have a question concerning my skimmer. Has anyone had any experience with the Coraline super skimmer? I am just about ready to set the tank up with a skimmer, and this is the one I have. The problem is...every time I plug it in it entirely fills the skimmer and cup completely to the point of overflowing. I have taken it apart to look for any plugged lines etc. and cannot figure this thing out. The tank probably doesn't need it right off, but I'd like to figure it out now rather than when it absolutely needs it. I have also read alot of mixed reviews on this skimmer, and the only reason for this particular one, is because I have it. Not oppossed to something different. Tank parameters as of last night TEMP = 78 SG = 1.024 PH =7.0 (low?) AMM = 0 NITRITES = 0-trace (does match 0 on my test kit, but not enough to register the next level) NITRATES = 40