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  1. Anyone looking to sell a Nuvo 10? Or something close to it? LFS has one for a good price, but just trying to see what else is out there.
  2. Wish you were in the St Louis area.
  3. craig1560

    Barton's 5g Pico powered by AI Prime HD

    I want to do something like this to get rid of aptasia. What's your plan? Scrub it with some aptasia x?
  4. craig1560

    Barton's 5g Pico powered by AI Prime HD

    Just a heads up, you can put sun glasses or yellow shooting glasses in front of your phone lense and it will eliminate a lot of the blue
  5. craig1560

    Barton's 5g Pico powered by AI Prime HD

    Dang, sorry to hear that. I've never had problems with clowns jumping, that's crazy that he was such a jumper.
  6. craig1560

    Craig's Fluval Spec V

    That bastard! My biggest hermit is concerning me. I don't have many extra shells and I'm afraid he's gonna get to a turbo to size up
  7. craig1560

    Craig's Fluval Spec V

    I haven't updated this in a while, but the tank is moving along just fine. Got myself a little buddy the other day for my birthday. Hoping to get a BTA one of these days to help keep him cozy. FTS 3/19/2017 I also picked up a feather duster a while back. After putting him in my tank a few weeks ago, I noticed he dropped his feathers. Must've been really stressed. Happy to say he's making quite the comeback and growing like crazy!
  8. craig1560

    Barton's 5g Pico powered by AI Prime HD

    Nice!! I've got a black/white clown in my spec v. He's doing very well. Can't wait to see pics! Oh wait, I see that little dude hiding!
  9. craig1560

    Barton's 5g Pico powered by AI Prime HD

    Looks awesome. That last sps looking thing looks like a toilet seat. I wouldn't do two clowns in this tank. I've got a 5 gallon and have a sail fin barnacle blenny in it...coolest little guy ever. Although I disagree with Weetabix7. I think you could fit a clown happily as long as you were VERY precise on water changes.
  10. craig1560

    afresh's biocube

    Wow, looks incredible!
  11. craig1560

    Light for 10 gallon

    I currently have the orbit in that size. Amazing light. Very powerful. Currently running whites on about 10% and blues at about 20%. Afraid I might bleach more if I go any higher. You wont be disappointed.
  12. Zoas been closed for a while. Have a video of something that was crawling around them. Not sure what it is. also it it almost looks like something is growing on them. Since taking these pictures I did an iodine and water dip that has resulted in them opening up more than usual, but still not perfect
  13. craig1560

    Craig's Fluval Spec V

    So I've been watching my zoas. I have pests. Wtf is this? as soon as i turned my lights up, it scattered across my rock. Doesn't look like a nudi but I could be wrong Also, what are these things around my zoas? Looks like something is growing on them
  14. craig1560

    Craig's Fluval Spec V

    I took some of the sand bed down about a week ago (as mentioned before), but ever since, my zoas are not really opening. 99% of the time they're completely shut, with 1% of the time, they're about 10% open. I'm not exactly sure why. I've tried lowering the light intensity and they still haven't opened over the past 4 days. I brushed some sand off that was stuck in between the polyps and that helped a little bit, but they're still totally closed. Water parameters are fine. 20% water change yesterday. Kind of at a lost. If I had to pin it on anything, it might be the lights being too bright. My cactus coral looks a little bleached compared to older photos. What do you guys think?