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  1. F/S 48" Catalina Solar T5HO 4x54

    last try here before it goes on dfwmas
  2. F/S 48" Catalina Solar T5HO 4x54

  3. i have a 48" catalina solar for sale. it was for a 33 long that never got off the ground. im forced to go with something a little smaller due to space constraints in my apartment and having multiple tanks already. this was only turned on a few times. seems like a pretty nice light. comes with all stock bulbs and 1 extra coralife i purchased for it. also modded super bright royal blue moon lights with dimmer! during break down i hit one of the legs (not hard) against my counter top and it broke the leg and put a small crack on the endcap which was nicely repaired. i didnt care because i wanted to hang it or order flip top legs. which can be purchased through catalina for 20 bucks. *****THIS MODEL HAS FULHAM WORKHORSE BALLASTS AND INDIVIDUAL REFLECTORS******** i would like $175 shipped to your front door anywhere in the U.S. thats $100 off normal price. here's a few pics right before i broke it down. i can get more if needed Thanks =) -Cory
  4. FS: Fluval Edge W/ extras

    SOLD locally on dfwmas. Thanks for the interest.
  5. FS: Fluval Edge W/ extras

    pending sale on dfwmas.
  6. FS: Fluval Edge W/ extras

    Going on DFWMAS TOMORROW. i gotta get this out of my house this week.
  7. FS: Fluval Edge W/ extras

    you are looking at probably 35-40 bucks for shipping
  8. FS: Fluval Edge W/ extras

    if it is still available its all yours i have yet to put it on DFWMAS but will wait until wednesday to do so.
  9. FS: Fluval Edge W/ extras

    nope still for sale.
  10. FS: Fluval Edge W/ extras

    shameless self bump. i need room.
  11. Fluval Edge Tank Thread

    Hey guys. if anyone is interested in buying an edge. go here. great deal. http://www.nano-reef.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=266420
  12. FS: Fluval Edge W/ extras

    as most in this forum do, i suffer from MTS (multiple tank syndrome) i have too much to invest into my 33 gallon to have the time or funds to continue this project. sad to see it go because like most others i do LOVE this tank. SO here is what you get ****Black fluval edge in perfect condition no scratches or anything of that nature. ****modded hood with three speed fan and ac adapter ****MR-11 Led upgrade (original bulbs included too) ****coralife 10W upgrade W/ 1 extra coralfe 10W bulb ****fluval edge 25W heater ****filter sponge used for 3 months with no coral and two fish. but very well maintained what you see is what you get minus fish, LR, sand, power head, etc. everything will be clean and ready to go when purchased. i think my price is pretty reasonable considering the tank alone is $120+ at most stores im asking $100 Local pick up is optimal but if you are willing to pay shipping i will ship it im located 20 min south of downtown dallas. i work in Cedar hill Tx. and can meet you there if that works better for you. Thanks.
  13. Neversoclevers 33G Long And Laurens 14G Biocube

    heres a few pics filling up for water test. (still covered in finger prints and silicone(also i know im doing this ass backwards and shouldnt have any sand or anything in the tank but its all getting cleaned out tomorrow anyway) still some work to do getting the old silicone off. i think for peice of mind im gonna get two 3" wide glass braces cut for it and not risk it. 33 gallons of water on wood floors is not something i wanna deal with. and also the moonlighting mod. the light originally came with 8 1w moonlights but i didnt like how underpowered they where and i also didnt like the light blue they put off. so i bought a waterproof 48" strand of royal blue LEDs with 120 LEDs i wired them to the the original dimmer. they look 100x better and are much much much brighter than the originals. plus i can dim them. NEW STAND COMING SOON! enjoy.
  14. JBJ K-2 Viper 150w MH

    i would be interested but honestly your price is still a little on the high side. you typically see these sell for 65-70 dollars. and this one is pretty dirty from the looks of it. lmk if you decide to come down on your price. im looking for one for my biocube otherwise good luck with the sell.
  15. Neversoclevers 33G Long And Laurens 14G Biocube

    well despite the "dont do it's!" i did it. i removed the TOP rim only off of my 33 long (why didnt anyone warn me this would be such a pain in the ass ) bottom rim is still on and i will not be removing it as it will be covered anyway. i have it full of water right now and it seems to be doing just fine. i took a tape measure to it and am showing no signs of bowing 12 1/2 inches- right side, left side and dead center. if it does show any signs of anything i will get a eurobrace cut for it. im starting the stand tomorrow . i have fallen in love with d9hp's stand (tank as well) so it will be based off of his design. pics soon.