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  1. Jebao WP-10 vs. Vortech MP-10

    I snapped the shaft in my MP40 3x times in 16 months from snails. Gave up and bought Tunzes. Have twin controller and two wp-10s coming next week.
  2. The 40B Club.

    Just picked up a used Glass Cages rimless 40B that's reef ready with oak stand. I'm stuck between two fixtures. Either the AI Hydra (can't afford a Hydra 52 or 2 Hydras) or the Reef Breeders Photon 24. I don't think the single Hydra will have enough spread or be bright enough especially at the edges. Logan from Reef Breeders says the Photon 24 would do excellent with 120° optics because I'm doing LPS, Zoas, etc. Opinion please
  3. Maxspect LED Lighting System "Group Buy"

    I have a make or break the deal question about the G2: When the white and blues are off and the moon lights are on is the fan off? I see no reason to run the fan 24/7 for 4- 1 watt moonlights. Can someone who has a G2 chime in.
  4. Maxspect LED Lighting System "Group Buy"

    I would wait until at least Tuesday before giving up. Conrad initiated after 6pm on Thursday March 11th. If they didn't send out Paypal invoices on Friday it will probably be on the next business day which is Monday. Be patient my friends, it only really been one business day. If a week goes buy just buy a Pacific Sun, It's either this one or that one.
  5. Maxspect LED Lighting System "Group Buy"

    This there a list started for phase two of this group buy? How many people are on board?
  6. I know all you nano-reefers would love a Current-USA 20" Nova Extreme with 4 18" 20w T5HO bulbs, fan, moon lights and individual reflectors. This would be awesome on an all-in-one of or a 10 or 15 gallon. Well Current is thinking of making it. They already have lame 2 bulb units, no fan, no individual reflectors and no moon lights. I have been in contact with them and they are considering it but they want to know if there's interest. Well, email them and tell them >>>>> info@current-usa.com <info@current-usa.com>
  7. Nano SPS keepers 2part,CR or Kalk

    I dose two part. SeaChem Advantage Calcium and Reef Builder(alk). It's in a powder form so you get more. Those liquid ones have you paying for mostly water. I also check mg once a month, adjust with SeaChem Advantage Magnesium and add a little SeaChem iodide weekly. It costs $75 a year for suppliments. I got it down to 3 tsp of cal and 2 tsp of alk weekly. Go to Marine Depot and check it out. Never pay for water again and get more!
  8. Ingenious overflow design! The tank actually over fills. Hows the algae problem on the outside of the tank?

    Dear Coralife, I sent you an email yesterday concerning the metal halide bulb in my clip-on Coralife Aqualight. I replaced the bulb with a Geisemann and burnt my corals and killed some of my fish. After going to several forums I found out that your MH bulbs are shielded and that I must use only Coralife bulbs in the fixture. If not, UV rays bleed past the three-quarter round splash shield and reflect off the reflector. I re-read the manual I received with the light. It states no where about the dangers of UV rays, proper shielding or warnings about using another company's unshielded bulbs. Why do I have to go to reef forums to find this information? It should be in the manual for safety's sake, not so much for the corals and fish but for children and adults that might be exposed to the UV rays. I am going to see what action I can take concerning this. I lost about $200.00 worth of coral and fish. Sincerely, Robert A. Brackett, Jr.
  10. Filled fuge with sand, chaeto and hung 13 watt 6500K pendant. My custom sump for a my 30g cube is now complete. It is 16" x 18" and fits by a 1/4" in the stand. The left rear skimmer/inlet area is 11" x 9" and houses a CCS65. The water then goes into the 7" x 9" fuge then through the baffles and into the heater/return pump area. This is sweet! A constant level in the skimmer/fuge compartments makes skimmer adjustment so much easier, set it and forget it. Just clean pump bi-monthly. Tell me what ya think. It cost me under $150 to make this.
  11. Blue Montipora Digitata Coral turned brown

    Cubes, Pods, death buckets..whatever you want to call them are not intended for SPS. They were not designed to keep them alive nor will they for any long period of time. You need super clean water that you can not get in a cube. Points: 1. no skimmer 2. not enough water flow 3. not engough light 4. tempature swing when light on & off with MH. I have a 30g Oceaninc cube with a 150w MH, I do not have enough light of SPS. Cubes are zoo, softies and lps tanks.
  12. Newbie to Nano tanks!

    ASM skimmer is good, the problem with it is it leaks around where the tubing goes into the skimmer body. It's gasket not glued which is great for cleaning. It is a sump only skimmer so the slight seepage is not an issue. It out performs every skimmer in it's price range. Opt for the gate valve option for $40. ASMs are basically knock offs of Euro-Reef skimmers. You nano reefs are mod junkies. Why not buy something and just use it. I have a drilled 30g Oceanic cube that cost me about $2000 with live rock, livestock, sump, skimmer and MH lighting. It blows away any modded out cube. Plug and play is best. If you have to mod is it probably best to use the modding $$$$ to by a better product
  13. A 37g Oceaninc is sweet. I got a 30 which is only 21" wide. They no long make the 37g which is a shame. There are so many more lighting choices for a 24" tank over a 21". Post some pics dude!
  14. I have a Oceaninc 30g cube drilled with overflow, sump and CSS65 skimmer. I was interested in putting a Seio 620 without the difusser in tank. I hear it gives a nice gentle flow but a lot of it, you can hardly feel it 3" away. With it mounted up high in the center, back wall of tank will it blow the sand, the zoos and the lps all over the place? Some opinion from someone who's mounted the pump sideways without the difusser would be helpful. THANKS! Bob
  15. How do SuperSkimmers Overflow?

    Mnes a Rio too. Overflowing? Get output tube not so deep in the water causing back pressure....oh ya, read the instructions!