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  1. THe system will work fine but patience, patience, patience! I have a 16 gallon bow front with Marineland filter and CPR skimmer. I do weekly 3 gallon water changes, add minimal suppliments. All I can keep in it are two small fish. I suggest running the Eclipse filter as a water mover. Go slow, very slow. I've been a reefer for 20 is the hardest and most expensive lesson to learn.
  2. Getting Oceaninc 30 gallon soon. Would like fuge 12" wide. How much d you charge for that? I was looking at small CPR model for $82 including pump. What's your price?
  3. THe rock is about 7-10 year old along with the coral. Came out of another reef.
  4. I've started upgrading my Nano-Cube. I have installed 60mm fan to solve heat problem, 79F now not 83F. Replaced the pump with Mini-Jet 606. I have heard that that the pump and light will fail rather quickly. Will replace light with 32 watt CSL retro-fit kit. I have torn out the dividers in the back for a refugium. They pop out rather easy with a little force. There is a 6500k 10 watt power compact by Lights of America available at Wal-Mart for $4.84 in the pet department. That will be above the refugium. check out the pic of my tank
  5. Plenum have been out for years, they are dangerous! NO, NO, NO , a thousand times NO!
  6. Are you sure you don't have a swap? I"ve never had an experience like that. I buy 10 lb. at a time and go SLOW!
  7. I do not add any additives. If you do a 2-3 gallon water change weekly in my Nano-Cube with a great salt mix such as Tropic Marin none is needed. Elements will be replaced weekly thus making maintance easier. 18 gaalons is near the upper limits where the use of no skimmer and this is possible.
  8. The temp in my Nano-Cube was 82 with the standard 24 watt bulb. I want to know what it would be like with 2x32? I put in a 60mm computer fan and 12 volt plug in transformer to blow air in. The vent grate in the back with the provided screw holes accepts a 60mm fan and 1-1/4" stainless screw as if it meant to have it in the first place. My tank now runs at 78 and the heat cycles. I do have to add a pint of water a day because of evaporation. I tried two fans, the evaporation was too much and the heater ran all the time. The whole set-up cost at $30 at Radio Shack.
  9. Just set up Nano-Cube. Started with 10lb. of live sand and 10lb. of liverock with some mushrooms and zooanthids an them. I also put in 6 Astrea snails and 3 red and 3 blue leg hermits. Everything is running fine corals doing fine but several of the hermit detached from shell and walked around tank before dying???? What's up with that?
  10. put 3" tall drinking glass in tank with ramp of rock up to edge. Put food in it. Once he falls into the glass he won't be able to get out.
  11. Actually I measured the tank including the filter area. It is exactly 10.56 gallons. When figuring out water volume use this formula: W x D X H / 230 = Gallons. There's 230 cubic inches of water per gallon. The glass of the tank is 13.5" wide, 15"deep, and 12" tall so 13.5x15x12=2430/230=10.56 gallons.
  12. I have base board heating and it is warm where it is. I get warm sitting on the couch next to the tank. But the tank is on a table 24" from the wall. I'll try moving it. Got two green chromis for the tank. I love them, they're so mellow.
  13. Just set up my Nano-Cube last night. Everthing went fine. Transfered live rock sand and live rock with coral from my large reef tank. It runs at 83 degree F and the heater never comes on. Anyone else have this problem? Will 60mm fans solve it? Thanks, Bob
  14. Supermarkets around here have RO/DI dispensers where water is $.30 per gallon
  15. I set up my Nano-Cube tonight. I put 10 lbs. of live sand, 12lb. of seeded live rock from my reef tank and several corals. I should be fine with the live sand and existing rock. I made a modifacation to the inlet. I cut three 1/4" slot from the top of the filter wall to the top grate. I then raised the sponger in the second chamber and added a little extra water. It skims the water off the surface great! I am using the two sponges in the first chamber. The carbon with a sponge on top in the second. The ceramic rings in the third. On my cube the filter wall was not glued to the bottom so water can seep under it. Anyone else notice this? It's not a big deal, I don't have to worry about the sump going dry.