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  1. P7180423

    Beautiful coloring!
  2. Name me!

    Wow these are gorgeous...we never get any like these in Lynchburg.
  3. Monti

    again this is on my ipod..i'll take better pics tonight and post them.
  4. Monti

  5. Oceanic cube

    sorry if the pic isnt very clear...ipod touch.
  6. Where do you buy your corals?

    Mom and Pop Stores. We like to support the locals.
  7. Zombie Eye

    love the way it makes a bridge!
  8. Camera Hog

  9. Metal Halide or T5 lighting?

    So i have a 30 gallon oceanic reef which currently houses mushrooms, zoas, and leathers and the current light is a 130 watt pc fixture. i am planning on upgrading the lighting soon to either an 18" Odyssea Metal Halide Pendant HQI+T5+LED or two Odyssea 20" 72 watt (4x18w) T5 HO light fixtures. I would like any and all suggestions on which fixture/arrangment would be the best for an sps tank. Thanks and i know Odyssea isnt a top notch brand but at the moment my budget is pretty limited.
  10. me

    Love your pic
  11. Rays of Sunshine

  12. P4060132

  13. FTS 02/25

  14. 40 Breeder FTS

    love it