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  1. Still available
  2. I have two A160we tuna blues for sale. Both are in excellent condition. They do not come with the arms. Asking $140 each or $260 for both....shipped.
  3. Everything has sold but the vxm. First $80 gets it
  4. I'll do $160 shipped for salinity probe and pm2
  5. I have an apex fusion setup with the following items: Powerbar (8) Display Temp probe Ph probe Probe holder Wireless adapter $410 Extra temp probe $20 ORP probe. $50 Salinity probe $110 PM2 module (used with salinity) $70 Breakout box and all the float switches for an ato system $35 VXM moduel for VorTec or Radion. Used mine for the MP10 $100 All prices include shipping
  6. In perfect condition. Comes with all plumbing and pump. All you need to do is add you media. Asking $55 shipped. If you are familiar with GEO quality then you know this is worth it!
  7. I can't get it to connect to fusion. Once I get it to connect I can use a tablet. That is as long as it stays connected....
  8. Still looking...
  9. I might take the display
  10. Let me know what you got. Thanks
  11. Looking for a boost led par 30 type bulb. Let me know what ya got!