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  1. Pre tank Build Opinions

    Awesome, Thank you! Yup, I've been doing my research and it seams like I'd need a controller too. Probably going to get the Digital Aquatics Reef Keeper Lite Basic. As long as I can monitor temperature, pH, and set two lights I'm good.
  2. Pre tank Build Opinions

    Sounds good! Thank you! I've been reading up on vodka dosing, and it seams like a great way to manage nutrients! I'm considering using it on my system especially since I want to heavily stock my tank! If you don't mind, I'd like to PM you once my system build begins. Thanks again!
  3. Pre tank Build Opinions

    Nick, Thank you for replying. I checked out your tank and I'll be using it as a guide for my own tank. Do you think 2 HD lights should be enough for a softie, LPS and SPS tank? I also am stuck as 30g is the largest I can have in my house. I have heard that dottybacks are mean! I've had a royal gramma basslet before and he was super shy at first but usually peaceful. Thanks for the insight on your feeding schedule!
  4. Pre tank Build Opinions

    Oh yeah I could! Thanks for the suggestion! Oh, I never thought of that! I'm a bit hesitant since I want to keep the tank on the lower maintenance side but I want to have stock it on the heavier side. It's time to do some research! Thanks for the advice! I was looking at a Royal Gramma Basslet (Gramma loreto). Sorry for the confusion, I'll change it on the original post to avoid further confusion. Yes I was also worried about my multiple feedings but I want to ensure my fish are at optimum health. A lot depends on the final bio load, but how does 1-3/ day sound? Thanks for the reply!
  5. Hello everyone! It's been about four years since I've had a reef tank and I think it's about time I got back into it! I'm beyond excited to do so, but before I do I'm turning to the reefing community for help. I want to make sure my equipment, live stock and plans are in order before I invest my time and money into this tank. I want a heavily stocked tank that only needs 2-3 water changes per month. I plan on using an extremely large skimmer and feeding small portions 3-5 times a day to reduce waste. A refugium might be added to the system, however I feel it won't be very effective at removing nutrients as size is limited. Any and all opinions and tips are appreciated! Tank: Nuvo 30L 20 lbs of dry rock 20/30 lbs Fiji Pink Arag. Equipment: Heater- 150 W Neo- Therm Submersible Heater- Cobalt Aquatics Circulation- Mp-10 - Ecotech Skimmer- Auqa gadget skimmate fullsize ghost skimmer - Innovative marine. Not 100% sure. ATO- Osmolator Nano 3152 ATO- Tunze Lighting- 2x Prime HD LED module- Aqua Illumination Dosing- N/A Carbon- Passive bag in back. Maybe upgrade later, depending on how I stock the tank. Feeder- Intellifeed fish feeder- Lifegard Aquatics Return Pump- Stock 476 GPH pump Fish: 2x Ocellaris Clownfish Royal gramma basslet (Gramma loreto) or a chalk bass Tail spot blenny Goby/ shrimp pair I feel that is the limit, however I want to add more 2-3 small fish.. but if the community thinks that's the limit I won't. Corals: Not too sure which species, but LPS and Softies. My largest concerns are my fish plans, skimmer, lighting and ATO. Again, any and all opinions and tips are appreciated! Thank you!
  6. help setting up a college tank!

    jjust some algae my tank also cycled too! i added a clown to make sure everything is ok with my water
  7. help setting up a college tank!

    so i have a diatom bloom! yaaay jk haha well my tanks still cycling so it dont think itll be too big of a problem and hopefully itll go away do you guys think there will be any potential problems if i were to cut the lights back to 6 hours ( i still have algae i want to keep in my tank). or should i just let it run its course? thanks
  8. help setting up a college tank!

    i got lights! marineland double bright fixture! im not going to get a wrasse now due to their agression, im goin back with a goby. maybe a clown jester goby or ywg. final stock clown algae blenny cardinal and a goby of some sort
  9. help setting up a college tank!

    I couldn't find a store that sells bottled bacteria.. Could I just do a wc (20%) and then add fish?
  10. help setting up a college tank!

    my tanks been cycling for a month.. ive been feeding it every couple of days and i have tiny shrimps and a few hitchhiker crabs in my tank. im just tired of waiting for it to finish cycing. im going to go with a cardinal clown algae blenny and 4 line wrasse
  11. help setting up a college tank!

    tank still hasnt cycled yet... (( its been a month and i still have nitrites and nitrates no ammonia. how can i speed up my cycle? i wanna add fish already!! would a water change help? to balance out my levels?
  12. help setting up a college tank!

    ok i thought about it. a ywg and pistol shrimp will hide a lot, so im not going to get one anymore. i was thinking either a yellow striped cardinal or a blue chromis. im forsure getting: an algae blenny clown ( oco preferably) 4 line wrasse any input is greatly appreciated. if you guys think of anything else that would be a nice addition to the tank let me know. im looking for fun and active fish
  13. help setting up a college tank!

    Ok thank. Idk about the goby or wrasse now... I was thinking bigger like a chromis or a cardinal. The wrasse might be cramped in such a small tank. Plus I want to have my saltwater opae in my tank. However I will probably give up on the idea because the other fish will probabaly eat them
  14. help setting up a college tank!

    lights came in! the only thing i need now are some fish!!
  15. Found in an antique store...

    Haha I that's what I thought!