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  1. Sharbuckle

    Sharbuckles 40

    Added more shrooms today. Florida Ric and an “ultra” yuma.
  2. Sharbuckle

    Velvet Questions

    Thanks 🙂 and yes thats probably what has to happen. Very annoying but worth the wait.
  3. Sharbuckle

    Velvet Questions

    True but im looking to shut it down and transfer coral to my new tank
  4. Sharbuckle

    Velvet Questions

    Ugh such a paIn in the ass
  5. Sharbuckle

    Velvet Questions

    Recently velvet ran through my tank and killed nearly all my fish. If I transfer my corals to another tank will it carry the velvet with them? I was thinking I could dip each coral in revive and then a freshwater dip before introducing to my new system.
  6. Sharbuckle

    Sharbuckles Low Boy Lagoon

    Okay so my yellow wrasse and rabbitfish are still alive with.no signs of velvet. What do i do now?
  7. Sharbuckle

    Sharbuckles 40

    Well the reef cell is pretty awesome. Mixed very easy. I broadcasted it in the tank and got suprising results. My toadstool leather loooooved it. Never seen it react that way. Gorgonians had some nice PE and a few of the rhodactis even caught some. Pretty cool.
  8. Sharbuckle

    Sharbuckles 40

    New Life sent me some Reef Cell to try. Pretty pumped to feed the tank tomorrow. Anybody ever use it before? I’ve never seen it up here in Canada.
  9. Sharbuckle

    Sharbuckles 40

    Thanks 🙂
  10. Sharbuckle

    Monthly Reef Profile (TOTM) Nominations

    Thanks 🙏 ❤️
  11. Sharbuckle

    Sharbuckles 40

    Feeling uninspired lately. Not sure why. I lost a ton of fish to disease in my lagoon tank. How to get the spark back, that is the question.
  12. Sharbuckle

    Sharbuckles 40

    Opportunity to shut down this tank and my lagoon and amalgamate into a custom statphire 78g cube.... decisions... decisions.
  13. Sharbuckle

    Sharbuckles 40

    Heatwave has the tank hovering high from 82-84. Fans are slightly helping. Wave should end by late tomorrow night, everything is looking okay so far.
  14. Sharbuckle

    eddy putra

    Congrats. Beautiful tank.