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  1. Sharbuckle

    TJ's Bust'em Up Custom Reef - Back from the DEAD!

    Thomas I’ve got a few questions for you 🙂 mind if I shoot you an email?
  2. Sharbuckle

    Hillbilly Lounge

    I thought I was going nuts. Refreshed the page and the chinese was all gone.
  3. Sharbuckle

    100 gallons behind a wall

    Whoa. Things are happening. Yassssss
  4. Sharbuckle

    Sharbuckles Low Boy Lagoon

    I hear ya. I do have an empty 78g starphire cube sitting in my living room that needs some life and attention. Maybe ill just let the lowboy ride it out a bit and see if it grabs me again in a few months. Definitely too cool for nano reef lol
  5. Sharbuckle

    Sharbuckles 40 - Mushroom Trippin

    Cleaned the glass and took pictures of muahrooms. have a look.
  6. Sharbuckle

    Sharbuckles Low Boy Lagoon

    Loweres the salinity over three days to 1.027, by tomorrow ill have it down to 1.024. After that im going to add a fish. Something small, a damsel perhaps, maybe a six line. Wait a few weeks to see how it does. Then I may potentially start adding life again. We shall see.
  7. Sharbuckle

    Sharbuckles Low Boy Lagoon

    You guys are awesome. Thanks. Well with some help from Rachey @ReefWeeds we discovered that the unknown bugs are a Spharomatid Isopod. Interesting.
  8. Sharbuckle

    Sharbuckles 40 - Mushroom Trippin

    Mushrooms I moved seemingly looking better. Continuing to monitor. Tank is doing okay. Not great but not bad. Sort of in limbo. Accidentally spilled a bag of filter media in the sump. Slightly annoying but im sure its been long used up by now.
  9. Sharbuckle

    Sharbuckles Low Boy Lagoon

    Update: rabbitfish still alive and its been 8 weeks since the deaths. My flame tip BTA ive had for 3 years has completely disappeared and all the corals arent happy. i check parameters today and salinity is through the roof somehow. 1.037!!! Slowly bringing it down over the next few days. Sad...... pod population is crazy and discovering thousands of what I think are baby limpets or stomatella... either way, still disheartened about this tank.
  10. Sharbuckle

    Sharbuckles 40 - Mushroom Trippin

    Long time no update. Seems to be some coral fighting between all my different shrooms. Moved a colony that isn’t doing so hot. Will monitor.
  11. Sharbuckle

    Sharbuckles Low Boy Lagoon

    Almost been 8 weeks since the massive fish loss. only the rabbitfish remains. going to wait until 12 weeks and will consider adding more fish. Still undecided about this tanks future.
  12. Sharbuckle

    Velvet Questions

    I dont think I want to put any more fish in there at all. Im going to try to find someone with a QT I can borrow.
  13. Sharbuckle

    Velvet Questions

    Well its been over a month since velvet wiped out all my fish. Rabbitfish is still in the tank Nd alive. No signs of disease and even looks healthier. What the hell should I do?
  14. Sharbuckle

    Sharbuckles 40 - Mushroom Trippin

    Thank you Ms. WV
  15. Sharbuckle

    Sharbuckles 40 - Mushroom Trippin

    Bought a really nice blue ricordea in toronto today.