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  1. Sharbuckles Low Boy Lagoon

    Stand should be at my place by Thursday. Fingers crossed.
  2. The FTS Thread!

    40g Breeder
  3. Sharbuckles 40

    This rock started off as some really boring brown palys. They sure have come a long way. Also some clove polyps somehow made there way in there.
  4. Sharbuckles 40

    Yes. Chasing and keeping them in hiding. Here’s an updated almost FTS
  5. Sharbuckles Low Boy Lagoon

    Stand is almost finished. A friend made it for me. Just gotta put on the plywood top and maybe bottom and we’re good to go.
  6. Sharbuckles Low Boy Lagoon

  7. Sharbuckles Low Boy Lagoon

    Well. Took a trip to Montreal today. Came home with two dwarf lion fish. Looks like his may be a predator tank. Interesting....
  8. Sharbuckles Low Boy Lagoon

    Trading some zoanthid frags for some live sand and help hanging up my lights. Guy in town uses black iron piping. Looks pretty cool.
  9. Sharbuckles Low Boy Lagoon

    Using some Seed as well to give it a boost. Has worked great in a few of my builds.
  10. Sharbuckles Low Boy Lagoon

    Picked up all my live rock today. Closer to 100lbs I bet. Filing up with some new water and going to let it cure maybe two weeks.
  11. Sharbuckles Low Boy Lagoon

    Just got a wicked deal on: 75lbs of Live rock 30g brute trash can with float switch maxi jet 1200 250w heater for $150! What a deal. Fully cured and pest free. picking up Thursday
  12. Sharbuckles Low Boy Lagoon

    In a way I’ll have to aquascape in from the top as well. I think this will be a super fun challenge.
  13. Sharbuckles Low Boy Lagoon

    Right? They’re so damn nice it’s hard to not take inspiration from them. Thanks! I’m looking forward to it too. Stand is being built tomorrow if all goes well.
  14. Sharbuckles Low Boy Lagoon

    I like the white cabinet! I may just paint my stand white and call it a day.