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  1. Great news. Found a great deal on an MP40 and Battery backup locally. A little less worry with power outages now. I think the plan will eventually to get a vectra s2 to hook up to the battery. That way the living things in my sump dont die off in an extended outage.
  2. Made a video, spent some time editing the transitions this go around. Hope you like it.
  3. Happy to see you’re back at it. A word of advice would be to forgo the filter floss if you’re only changing it that often. Doing more harm than good at that point. Nitrate factory! Still following along.
  4. Blennys have awesome personalities! Definitely have a look into them.
  5. Thank you! The tang has been around for a few months now. Used to be half the size of the yellow and now it’s almost the same. Growing too darn fast.
  6. Thanks girl! A spot of good old news today. The yellow watchman I added exactly a month ago today popped his head out of the rocks! I haven’t seen it since the day I added it so this is amazing news.
  7. Started dosing Phyto and Iodine again today.
  8. Just realised the tank turned 7 months old this week!
  9. I need to start making a list of things I need to upgrade or pay attention to. So i'm going to do that here. To Do: Install some sort of power outage fail-safe. Buy an RODI unit (yes im using tap water) Build a floating canopy Buy a media reactor Add more flow Remove macro algae and light from sump (with my oversized skimmer its not doing much other than clogging up the sump, may throw some chaeto and a cheap light on later)
  10. Thank you. Also thank you for always participating in my thread 🙂
  11. I’m going to make it happen. Hopefully by the end of April. Things are opening up and I am very happy.
  12. Finally got around to doing my “rescape” today. Didn’t move any of the rock around and left the left side alone. The right side and centre have had some coral movement though. Moved my green Nepthea to the right side, my gold gorgonian wasn’t doing so great and has been moved to big mamas tank. I moved my giant yellow Fiji leather to the very top middle and hoping it acts as the “showpiece”. Also. I noticed that a scum was forming on my surface due to circular currents not allowing it do make it to the overflow. I adjusted my two tunze pumps and instead of going up and over they now go around the sides of the tank and the flow wraps around the front from both sides. I also cut three big chunks from my pink colt coral in the top right as it was getting out of control. Earlier in the week I increased my lightning intensity by 15% and have noticed my rhodactis mushrooms are very happy about it. Added filefish to take care of small majano problem and so far he’s only eating some gobstopper zoanthids... ugh Still no sign of YWG so I’m pronouncing him dead. My longnose hawkfish made its way to the sump and I’m having a hell of a time getting it out. Nyos Quantum 160 is working incredibly well, pulling out all the crap! okay that’s enough rambling. happy reefing.
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