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  1. It’s not one particular part that I find annoying, it’s the whole process haha. I don’t find the water change harder on a bigger tank but the new challenge is there is no water source on the floor the tank is on. However, I’m going to stick to a strict water change schedule now and will post if I see any changes.
  2. wow, incredible pico, I'm so impressed when I see a thriving pico, thats dedication! congrats.
  3. So am I Jeff..... could have been a disaster.
  4. My girlfriend just called me in a panic telling me the sump is bubbling like crazy and making iots of noise. The tubing for the return came lose and the pump was going nuts just shooting water everywhere. Realized I forgot to secure it when I put the new pump in..... oops. Better get home and zip tie it.
  5. Welcome back. Congrats on the new house and beating the Dinos! The tank looks fantastic, are you going to add some more gorgonians back to the tank? I think you definitely should 🙂
  6. I’ve done it! I’ve actually done it! 20% water change complete. Here are are some pics to prove it.
  7. Also, I’m actually doing a WATER CHANGE today! Wow. full disclosure, only the second time I’ve done a water change......
  8. Thanks! I’ve got a little GSP rock as well. That’s a good idea, but for some reason I just keep thinking I want to let it fill out all my rocks... anyway I probably won’t but it’s still on my mind. Maybe I’ll grab some nice papaya clove polyps instead.
  9. I was looking at that last night! I hear they ship poorly so I’ll have to find some local. Also, if I can find it. Red Bali Xenia, I hear it doesn’t spread like the usual stuff. Thank you so much
  10. Why do I keep getting the urge to add Xenia to this tank? Someone help.
  11. Finally getting rid of the noise from my rattling vibrating Eheim pump!
  12. Winter really has me in a slump. You'd think i'd be more motivated to spend more time on the tank but no.... Anyway, Going to mix up some new water tonight, fill the ATO back up and turn it on. give the tank a good scrape.
  13. I knooooow. Gonna do it this weekend. May try to get a weekly routine happening. So lazzzzzy lol