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  1. For Sale: 12g Aqua Pod HQI (70w) - $150 Was cleaning my basement and found this on a shelf. Never used, purchased several years back for a project that never started. I'll try to get some pictures of it and post them tomorrow. I prefer to meet you within the DC/Baltimore/Winchester VA area. Buyer pays for all packaging and shipping fees if the item must be shipped. Thanks and hope to hear from you. Troy
  2. I could be wrong here but anything over 30 years old is considered an antique? I know some states actually consider 30 year old or older vehicles antiques, I am not sure if that applies to other items. My point is 1978 is a couple weeks shy of 30 years old. I would consider the A1 a classic.
  3. Camera advice please!

    Buying the above kit will not get you to your goal. As already mentioned you are limited by the technology of your camera. I am sure you can get some macro shots but it will take a lot of practice. If you are looking for a new camera that has options, room to grow, and are not interested in a DSLR I would look into a Canon Powershot G9. It will set you back about $450 but it's nice and not limiting.
  4. Any 35mm built by Canon, Nikon, Minolta made in the 1960's and 1970's would be a big hit I am sure.
  5. Canon PowerShot A620 Lens Adapter

    http://www.lensmateonline.com/index.html Check this place out to pimp your camera
  6. Free Aquacontroller2

    Just one?
  7. Thapatient's Aquapod 12g

    Looks like a sponge to me.
  8. New Aquapod 12 + 70w HQI Owners

    I didn't find a handle so you are not alone.
  9. Free Aquacontroller2

    /sticks a finger in the ear /down a Sam Adams gimmie gimmie gimmie !!!
  10. New Aquapod 12 + 70w HQI Owners

    Nice^^^ What ATO are you using?
  11. Nova T-5 Suffient?

    Odd the link doesn't work. It was to Marine Depot's site that has listed the 96W T-5 fixture. A step up from what the OP had originally posted.
  12. Nova T-5 Suffient?

    http://www.marinedepot.com/ps_AquariumPage...t_ho_lunar.html For what you want to keep look at this one.
  13. New Aquapod 12 + 70w HQI Owners

    Mine arrived today I thought I was in for a treat when I noticed the damage to the box. As you can see it was packed fairly well, three boxes actually. Even the second boxed was damaged. But once I had everything out and inspected it over a few times everything was really in good condition. I really cannot wait to start. I need an RO/DI and a few other things before I begin my reefing adventure (version2).
  14. Best skimmer for 12 gallon nanocube

    I would like more information on Euro-Reef's nano skimmer too.
  15. Thapatient's Aquapod 12g

    http://www.wetwebmedia.com/clndisfaqs.htm Read this regarding the black spots on clowns. Half way down the page there are two sections about black spots. The entire page is dedicated to clown fish illness and diseases. Maybe this will help.