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  1. I just switched from Catalina SW to IO to Oceanic in the past two months without any problems. Sticking with Oceanic. The last time I purchased Cataline SW, it smelled really bad, like something was rotten, so I bought a small box of IO. IO was nice but a buddy recommened I try Oceanic and I am very pleased so far. As far as effecting fish or corals go, I didn't have any trouble at all. I started off with small WC and worked my way back up to 2g WC every week.
  2. I have five blue legs and wish I never purchased them. They don't do anything except fight eachother and bother the corals. for some reason mine love to pick on the Kenya Tree.
  3. Without knowing the light setup you have, I would say that a good first coral is some kind of mushroom or maybe some form of star polyp. I recently switched from IO to Oceanic salt with great results. My test were showing CA levels around 380 and with the new salt I am around 430. I don't have any SPS but the LPS that I do have responded to the change in salt in a good way. Everything appears to be much happerier, even the softies. Fully extended and opened wider than before. Maybe it is just me but even our neighbor had commented on the difference. HTH
  4. 29g makes an awsome nano. Take a look around. If you ask this same question on other boards they say anything below a 55g is a nano. So to answer your question, don't let a board decide the size of your tank, you chose the 29 originally for one reason or another, go with what you want.
  5. Only dose what you can test.