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  1. This would be very ideal, but would that be too much light intensity even at such low amperes? Would I need two divers to be able switch into "full actinic" mode?
  2. Thanks! This looks ideal but could I hook it up to a potentiometer to adjust the intensity/color blend?
  3. So I have decided on a 3UP led mounted onto my heatsink. I would like to have 2 controllable channels but I have very little experience with electronics. I know I at least need this: If I were to purchase the equipment listed below, is that everything I would need? Alternatively, if I were to piece it out, what would I need? A physical dimmer nob, a driver, a power source? What kind of driver would I need? And would I still need a power source? I dont think I see a good option on that site...? Any help/direction would be very much appreciated! The advice you guys have given so far is awesome
  4. Hey all, I've been out of the hobby for a few years and I'm going to set up a tiny ~.5 gal jar pico. I need your guys' help though -- it seems there has been big advancements in terms of lighting tech! Im going to be using the jar shown below and I have a heat sink similar to the one shown below as well. I would like to mount LEDs on them and ideally I would like to be able to control the amount of actinic light. What LEDs/other equipment should I be looking into for this project? Are LEDs even the way to go? Any help/direction would be much appreciated! Thanks
  5. chalice?
  6. what is it? echinata?
  7. nice!!
  8. great sponges--what are you doing to keep them alive? how long have you had them for?
  9. no, asterina is really your only option Id take this convo to the pico forum for more/better answers
  10. +1 to what everyone has said so far
  11. fantastic maxi
  12. I think you win on default for having the only in focus picture lol
  13. what a jerk. you dont want anyone else to win do you?