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  1. Softball Sized Clumps of Cheato

    Got mine. Looks great! And it sat an extra night due to me not getting back in time.
  2. Mods please close for now

    Age?? Very interested
  3. FS:Warner Marine MF121

    So does this come with the original pump you were having problems with or the new one?
  4. These are awesome bulbs I have 2 over a 40
  5. Free sigs/avatars

    Post what you want. If you do not like my service please post HERE Don't post here. People need to grow up on forums. If some one wants to give their work away, let them. You mine as well close the fs forum right down if we went by this policy. Everyone selling is undercutting the retail price. If some one is selling cheaper than you nothing gives you the right to stop them. Now please flame on.
  6. RapidLED par38 bulbs

    1 sold, 2 pending
  7. RapidLED par38 bulbs

    These are their new ones with the 4 colors. 80 degree optics.
  8. RapidLED par38 bulbs

    I just purchased a matching fixture for my second setup and no longer need these. I have up to 5 bulbs for sale. These bulbs are supposed to last forever(10,000+ hrs) Here's a link to them: http://www.rapidled.com/7-led-par38-bulb/ Retails 90$ Asking 70$ each + PayPal and shipping. Picture:
  9. Neptune Apex

    465 shipped!
  10. 2 Vortech MP10Wes

    Manufact date?
  11. Neptune Apex

    This is the float switches: http://www.marinedepot.com/Digital_Aquatic...IDPETAC-vi.html And i cant accept 360 for it
  12. Neptune Apex

    Bump. Will entertain offers
  13. Neptune Apex

    I am redoing my system and no longer need this. I barely ever used it besides running my ATO and my lights. This was purchased in April and not used for almost a month. This includes everything including a breakout box I made. Neptune Systems - AquaControllers - AquaController Apex 1 Apex Base Unit 1 Temperature Probe 1 Apex Display Module w/ 10’ AquaBus cable 1 EnergyBar 8 1 6’ AquaBus cable 1 Standard Grade pH probe 1 DIY breakout box for an ATO 2 Digital Aquatics Float Switches I will sell this for 515$ firm. Please pm me any questions
  14. BNIB MP10W ES

    I don't mean to bust your balls or be disrespectful in any way. big al's sells them for 238 with free shipping.. just using our nano-reef coupon.