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  1. LED parts question

    True... So... what is listed is all that I need? Other than a project box to clean it up and heatsink + fan.
  2. LED parts question

    Might go to 10watt then... going over a 20L frag tank.
  3. LED's again!

    Is that 12 led's, heatsink, optics, driver, fan, thermal grease, and solderfree?
  4. LED's again!

    I'd think this would work for you and is about as cheap as you can get without going to ebay and getting into really DIY'ing it http://www.rapidled.com/plug-and-play-bioc...t-non-dimmable/
  5. LED parts question

    LED: EPISTAR 20W 14000K Led Panel for Aquarium x3 (might just end up doing all 5 in this) http://www.ebay.com/itm/EPISTAR-20W-14000K...b#ht_1536wt_698 20W 20000K High Power Led Panel for Aquarium x2 http://www.ebay.com/itm/EPISTAR-20W-20000K...c#ht_1689wt_698 Driver: http://www.ebay.com/itm/85-265VAC-5-x-20W-...a#ht_1259wt_698 From this I'm not sure if I need a power supply or the driver is it? If I do need a power supply... Please recommend one. Thanks maxst2
  6. my greatest DIY ever

    The joys of simple successes am I right.
  7. My 29gal BC

    Started dosing a small amount of vinegar to help with the gha and its working nicely.
  8. 1 LED 20W CW+RB

    Looks awesome. Im thinking about setting up another tank and found this... Now i have DIY led on my biocube 29gal and this... looks promising. I want to do this...and likely have two of them with all blue on one and all white on another : http://www.ebay.com/itm/85-265V-5-x-10W-Di...8#ht_1303wt_698 Would I be correct in thinking that you need a power supply for that? If so... what would you recommend?
  9. My 29gal BC

    Little update, gha issues atm... water is good just new tank cycle. New additions - Six line wrasse and a crested blenny. Current FTS One of the clowns and blenny Forgot name Teal ring zoa - started as a 6 polyp frag from Alan Nuclear greens - started as a 2 polyp frag from Anthony [/u] Miami vice Acan from NAS Orange acan from anthony
  10. 3x 10watt diy led fixture

    very interesting...
  11. Diary of the Stand

    Tops done.... I suck at tiling ive found out lol
  12. Tips on how to build this stand? PICS!

    Take a look at my thread ( http://www.nano-reef.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=296759 ) I am in the process of making a stand myself. At I took pics as it came together, might give you more of an idea of what it takes.
  13. Diary of the Stand

    OK so I had a hard time getting corner pieces (bullnose on two edges). They had white... but not black... I might leave the corners white but I got some enamel to paint them black if I don't like it. So far total cost is 40$
  14. Dual cylinder picos.

    tank being this small, its configuration, and the style of it... would looks pretty neat bare bottom. If anything you could pour some sand down a tube after the fact if you don't like it.
  15. Dual cylinder picos.

    IMO... go bare bottom on this and have a ring of rock. Then no issues with getting your hand in there.