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  1. am i missing something here..?
  2. more like paly grandis
  3. lol... no nitrates. riiight
  4. uh oh.. no looky so good.
  5. how long has it been set up? Doesn't look mature enough yet for corals.. maybe thats why the zoas aren't opening.
  6. holy polyp extension! that's a birdsnest? looks more like a crazy hammer coral at first glance.
  7. petco lol
  8. hmm, has potential
  9. "Maybe he thinks im sexy?? " post a pic and we can get to the bottom of this
  10. being in the dark for less than an hour wont hurt much..
  11. Polícia!!
  12. i see aiptasia! lol
  13. I'd just leave it.. I have huge ones in mine and they don't harm anything, just help the cuc.
  14. Colonial hydroids. I have them too and they don't really harm anything unless they start spreading. Good water quality will keep them away
  15. what lighting do you have over that? AMAZING!