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  1. WTB: RapidLed/CREE 60 degree optics

    hmm, im interested but would need to confirm that they are 60.. any way that you can light one up?
  2. looking for up to 30 lenses/optics, but any amount helps. I want to switch out my 40 degree optics to 60. Let me know if you have any extras or want to trade for 40 degree!
  3. its calcium precipitation building up on the powerheads because they are warm. Tends to happen most with IO and reef crystals because of the super high calcium content of the two. It happens in the tank too if your calcium level is high enough.
  4. Every time i change my filter sock, corals turn pale

    i was thinking this too, but the thing is that my water is not murky at all. I bet my water is clearer than 90% of people on here. When this was going on i was changing filter socks every 2 days, and i have a skimmer rated for 160G on my 56. So its either a subtle water clarity change that's drastically affecting corals, or something else is going on. I have a friend that lets his filter sock overflow for months before changing it with no problems.
  5. Every time i change my filter sock, corals turn pale

    nope just air dry. Sometimes they sit in the washer for up to maybe an hour max? before i take them out and lay them somewhere to dry. They are only slightly damp in the washer though since they go through the spin cycle last. Last time i washed and let them sit in a bucket of distilled water for a few days. I could still for some reason smell a faint bleach smell when they were wet.. no small after dry though. Also, i always do an extra 2-3 rinse cycles.. and I run an empty cycle before putting the socks in- to be sure there's no soap residue left in there. also... it seems the corals get less bleached where they are somewhat shaded.. this is kinda steering me in the direction that it's the light issue. Weird though since i've never heard of it before and i know alot of people let their socks get alot more clogged up than i do.
  6. This has been going on for awhile, every time i change and clean my filter sock most of my corals show signs of bleaching. Sps will somewhat bleach (mostly seen on confuscia and caps), and some zoanthids close for a day, then open up at about 1/2 the original size (they shrink). I have tried washing with no bleach, washing in the washing machine, washing with the hose, soaking in distilled afterwards, changing the filter sok as often as every 2 days, but the corals still seem to be affected. Everything i do tells me that they are clean enough and not leaching chemicals, but i cant be 100% sure. (i let them air dry 100% before use.. i have like 20 socks). I was thinking about trying some PRIME in the washer, but since i let them dry they should already be 100% chlorine free. The only thing i can think of is that the filter socks are cleaning the water too quickly and increasing the amount of light the corals get too fast, causing the bleaching. In the past i took off my filter sock for awhile, and that helped the corals color up.. but that lets alot of stuff into the sump that i dont want in there.. oh well i might just have to go sock-less. Anyone have any insight? is there anything i can do besides taking off the socks for good?
  7. FS: 17+ Polyp My Clementine Frag

    eh.. couple patches here and there
  8. FS: 17+ Polyp My Clementine Frag

    cool update:.. this frag is now up to 27 polyps.
  9. 6g update month 2

    am i missing something here..?
  10. P6190063

    more like paly grandis
  11. Going on vacation tomorrow

    shut up. stop trying to act cool because you know how to use Google translate.
  12. Is it ok for a skimmer to lean

    Well, one thing i know is that it won't work as efficiently. But how un-efficiently.. i'm not sure. I'd try it and see how it goes. It should pull just as much stuff out of the water (or close), but since the bubbles will hit the skimmer side before the cup, they may get stuck there instead of going up and into the cup. So the inside chamber of the skimmer may require cleaning more often than usual.
  13. when i first got my current live rock about 1.5 years ago, it was covered in those colonial hydroids, and digitate hydroids as well. Like you, i first freaked out and thought about starting over. However, i was lazy and never did anything about them. The digitate at first exploded and started taking over the tank. The colonial seemed to be growing slowly. Then all of a sudden within a month all the digitate hydroids were gone, but the colonials were still there. Eventually the colonials started receding too, but much slower.. i still have a few left, but they slowey disappear rather than grow. It depends on your water quality though, if it's a nutrient rich softy tank or similar they will probably grow.. but in my SPS tank they are slowly dieing. Digitate hydroids sting corals and fish a bit more since they can reach out far, but not really enough to kill them. These colonial hydroids will only slightly irritate a coral if it grows too close and touches. But other than that they actually might help a little bit by filter feeding. PS.. an easy way to get rid of them without starting over is just putting epoxy over them, or squirting some super glue over them to seal them in and stop them from spreading. (but yes, you will be left with a glob of epoxy or glue on the spot until it grows over with coraline. )
  14. Too many fish?

    No that's not why we do water changes.. not even on the list of reasons. Skimmers do a great job of adding oxygen into the water. Also depends on how much surface water movement you have & the amount of oxygen in the air, but even a small HOB filter will be enough to keep the water oxygenated.
  15. Too many fish?

    I don't think so. He sounds like a complete idiot to me. Your tank may be a bit small for an angel, but not 2 clowns.