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  1. Actinic blue and MH

    Corals have evolved to "see" a particular spectrum of light because sunlight is filtered by water, and as you get deeper in the ocean, the light get bluer and bluer. The actinic lighting, shows the coral in the most "natural" light which you would see them in nature. It is not, however, a necessity for their life. They can, and will grow under a 5k t-12 bulb, and they will grow under a 20k radium. My opinion is it's a matter of personal opinion. Some people don't like really blue bulbs (20k) and some people don't like yellow bulbs (6500k) Most go for a middle ground of 10-12k, but I sprung for the hamilton 14k, which I really liked the look of. To answer you question simply though, they will grow under a 4000k High Pressure Sodium garden light, or a 20k radium, it's really up to you what you want to see them under.
  2. corals stink

    SPS stink, bad, and they dont have to be dead
  3. deciding what to put in the tank....again.

    wtf is that about?
  4. Help Me Out Please?

    I think the carbon that's being used in that setup will leach Phosphates (the better tasting ro/di water as they put it)
  5. deciding what to put in the tank....again.

    SPS aren't that hard to keep.. the hardest thing I've been faced with is getting ALOT of waterflow, and not having the tank overtaken with powerheads. Go get some acros next time you're at the LFS. A acro dominated tank would be awesome.
  6. green star polyps overgrowth

    chip it off with a screwdriver. or cover it with epoxy.
  7. Q?

    I suggest you piss in your tank...
  8. Test Results Are In!

    pod porn is bad ass
  9. Hi, and Question Time

    Drain one of your freshwater tanks, throw down a couple MH's over the top of it, put a big ass skimmer on it, and boil the water with 60x turnover.
  10. H20 Topoff

    I use kalkwasser out of a trashcan, dripped 24/7
  11. apocalypse

    5 bucks says it was a rio
  12. Help Me Out Please?

    Mine came with everything I needed. I ordered from the same guy, just got the other model they offer (the one without the holding tank.) For drinking water, take it out of the holding tank. For water for your tank, get it before it goes through the last filter (the carbon filter)
  13. Tang compatible

    Tangs suck... Where did you get a tank that size? That tank is badass- got any pictures of it?
  14. Adjusting a Bak-Pak

    You're using too large of a powerhead to feed the skimmer. It's not giving the micro bubbles the contact time it needs to really pull alot of gunk out. The bakpak skimmer should use a rio 600, but I just bought two new ones for my dual bakpak, and the flow is too fast still. If it had an old 900, it prolly wasn't as efficient (obviously) and giving the contact time needed.
  15. Interesting article...

    No, it doesn't sound correct. Atleast not in the conventional way of thinking.