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  1. budget 5 gallon pico (NOW 4 years old)

    This is still going?? That is epic! Keep up the great work and post more pics!!!
  2. Play sand

    Very cool. Also I know photobucket love to rotate my photos as well. Are you gonna start a tank thread?
  3. Stock Biocube 8

    Looking good!
  4. Corals arrived very well packaged. Buy these corals people!
  5. SOLD

    Pm sent!
  6. Play sand

    You got this tank wet yet? Also it's up to you what sand to use. You could always go barebottom!
  7. Nano equipment

    Pm'd about glass scraper.
  8. Cheap Nano Tanks - $50

    Are you willing to ship? Would love that nanocube.
  9. Looking for a 20g+ AIO tank in the Midwest

    Check this out. Looks nice. 29 Gallon Oceanic Biocube $275 - http://lawrence.craigslist.org/pet/5556666548.html
  10. Ledtric par38 bulb

    Do these include lamp clamps?
  11. Stunner or TruLumen led strips

    I've got one I'm not using. I'll pm you when I'm home to check length and LED combination.
  12. Products Back From the Dead

    This is great. So glad the Biocube 8 basket is back. I know the tank itself is scarce but having quality accessories will breath life back into these lovely tanks. Thanks again for bringing the Biocube 8 basket back. Placed my order and will be eagerly awaiting its arrival.
  13. 8 gallon Biocube

    Very cool thread! Like the Necro and rebirth of this tank. Can't wait to see this thrive and grow! Totally following along. May even break out my old Biocube 8!! P.S. You may want to do a new thread in the Members Aquarium section. Much more active than the AIO area. That's my simple opinion.
  14. Wanting to start a 2.5 Pico. What do i need?

  15. Wanting to start a 2.5 Pico. What do i need?

    Tank AC 70 w/inTank mediabasket Par Bulb Heater Quality salt Ro/di water to mix salt into Nice cured live rock Corals And a nice camera to post pics here.