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  1. Innovative Marine Nuvo 16 Package

    Bump. Any reasonable offer accepted! Chris
  2. Innovative Marine Nuvo 16 Package

    Sorry, package only.
  3. Hey Guys, Hate to sell but I am moving and cant take it with me. Check out the link for the details. I am located on Long Island and will not ship but I can help you move if need be. Thanks! Chris http://longisland.craigslist.org/for/4622698114.html
  4. ID Needed

    Im going the fire route. Will take pics!
  5. ID Needed

    Hey Guys, this little thing just popped up out of nowhere. No new additions for months and all of a sudden there it is. Looks like aiptasia. Thanks!
  6. Nudi Up Close and Personal

    Burrial at sea, so long sucker! I really believe that this is the guy that got my torch.
  7. Nudi Up Close and Personal

    He was out the second after I saw him!
  8. Found this little guy on top of one of my zoa's tonight. Just happened to staring and there he was. Tank is roughly a year old and this is the first sighting. Havnet added anything in a while either. Had a hammer mysteriously die about a month ago, could it have been the culprit?
  9. Took down my 24" cube after about 8 months and have a bunch of things I would like to sell. All items shipped USPS flat rate. All used but in perfect working order. I can email pictures if interested. (2) Koralia 1400 Powerheads and Koralia Smart Wave controller $110 shipped. 2 Little Fishies Reactor 150 and Cobalt mj600 $55 shipped. Reef Octopus NWB-110 $135 shipped.
  10. Shrimp ID

    Saw this picture posted on another forum. Can anyone ID? Thanks!
  11. Ten Legged Creature

    That solves it. Thank you!
  12. Ten Legged Creature

    Thank you. Didn't look to pod like to me, its was more flat than hump backed. Also the long tail like thing is throwing me off.
  13. Ten Legged Creature

    Can anyone help ID? Saw him crawling around on my glass last night. Sorry the glass is dirty! Thanks!
  14. GU 10 nano build 4/19 updates

    Nice, another 7.5 AIO. I almost went with the GU10's but opted for the cree 3up route. Following along....
  15. Not sure on price just yet. I recently started a 7.5 AIO Cube and just found out my wife is pregnant so I wont have time to dedicate to the larger tank for some time. Are you interested in just the tank or the whole set up? You can PM me so we aren't hijacking the thread.