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  1. Easy to use to help you plan out your LED build
  2. Hello! Thought you guys might be interested in this planning tool to help you layout your LEDs
  3. Hello The LDD-700H and LDD-700HW have a different in mounting styles. The LDD-700H is designed to be mounted on one of our boards, the LDD-700HW has wires so you can connect it to a non LDD board. Yes you can put each lumia on 6" heatsink as long as there is a fan running Yes, you can put the lumias in series and control 5 channels. I would suggest getting the 200w meanwell power supply we have (much nicer unit). Also you want to change your LDDs to the HW versions if you arent using one of our boards.
  4. We only run two sales a year and this is the biggest. Store wide we have slashed prices on our already cheapest prices on the market by another 15%! Some of our products our even below our cost! First come first serve, once the stock is gone, its gone. Use blackfriday2015 coupon code when checking out. shop now at
  5. Hi James, please contact me if you are still having issues. We had a few customers mention this a couple weeks ago but could not recreate it.