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  1. 2 AI Nano's - I have the original boxes, mounting arm, power supply. $225.00 each + Shipping from 55112 AI Sol/Nano Sol Controller - Original box, cable $50.00 - + Shipping from 55112, Prefer to sell with one of the Nano's right now Paypal is preferred.
  2. Chiller for JBJ Nano 28 HQI

    Then I would get the 1/2 JBJ install kit. 1/2 hose, 1/2 hose clamps, and a pump. I went with the internal pump so I didn't have to worry about priming the pump every time I shut it off. With the pump in the tank, it is always submerged and I never need to prime it when I start it. Some/Many external pumps will require priming. Best of luck.
  3. Chiller for JBJ Nano 28 HQI

    I looked hard at this. They are 1/2" and I wanted to use 3/4" so I ended up plumbing my own. I used braided hose Hose Clamps Barbed Tube fittings And just connected it all together. I have a 1/4HP Arctica Chiller
  4. Chiller for JBJ Nano 28 HQI

    In or out. If you are intent on running it out. Perhaps a Panworld pump would be better. I ran a Panworld 40PX for a while. I have it for sale on a local forum because I didn't want to ship. It worked well. Good luck!
  5. Chiller for JBJ Nano 28 HQI

    I use a Tunze Recirculation Pump Silence (1073.020) pump, in the rear chamber of by Biocube 29 to drive my chiller. Pumping power: 200 to 2,400 l/h (52.8 to 634 USgal./h). Energy consumption: 14 to 30 W (15 to 34 W) Pumping head: 2 m (78.7 in.)., ¾" GAS hose supports Voltage / frequency: 230 V / 50 Hz (115 V / 60 Hz). Cable length: 2 m (78.7 in.). Dimensions without outlet and suction cups: 118 x 94 x 75 mm (4.6 x 3.7 x 2.9 in.). Check the dimensions and see if it fits. It was one of the smallest that I found that would drive enough flow for the chiller.
  6. finnex heater reviews?

    Mine stuck on and cooked the tank. Using a RKL now to control a different heater.
  7. Any recommendations on chiller for 55 gallon tank

    The latest Marine Depot catalog shows a 25% discount on 1/10 - 1/3 HP JBJ Arctica Chillers for the month of March Discount Code is - JBJCHILL25OFF
  8. Nano Box 13Up Module

    Dave, I think it obvious that the color is better just by just by looking at the pictures. I'll take some closer pictures once I have the intensity worked out. All I wanted to do here was to crank the power up to 100% on both and get the PAR difference between the two light sets. I wasn't expecting a huge difference, there were 24 LEDs with the nanotuners and there are 26 with your board. I'm happy with the set, and I recommend them as a drop in replacement for the now unsupported nanotuners LED sets. Thanks !
  9. The Biocube Resource Guide

    JBJ 1/4 Chiller, calls for 420 - 1920 GPH. The chiller is overkill, but it allows for expansion to a larger tank later. I'll look to see what kind of flow I can get with a 1/2 inch discharge. Not certain if a Maxijet can drive a 1/4 chiller.
  10. The Biocube Resource Guide

    Looking for ideas for placing a chiller in my Biocube 29. I have the chiller and a panworld 40px external pump. Wondering what some of you are using to make the connection to/from the tank. Everything is 3/4 so the 1/2 U bends that the JBJ install kit utilize are too small. Thanks for any ideas.
  11. Nano Box 13Up Module

    Finally got my hands on the club Apogee meter. Same exact meter as the earlier readings. Two 13Ups, driven by a DUO700 with 2 Thomas Research Drivers, through a RKL ALC driven to 10Vs on both channels. Both boards are mounted next to each other Left/Right in the middle of the heat sink. For reference, here are the Nanocustoms LEDs, driven the same way.
  12. Nano Box 13Up Module

    Pink birds nest Green birds nest Pokerstar Monti Rainbow Monti Undata Monti Plating Monti Reverse Prism Favia GSP Zoas The driver is already soldered to both boards. I have two channels, a blue and a white, each channel drives both boards. Sorry I can't turn one board off.
  13. Nano Box 13Up Module

    Announced here Purchased here I was running the nanotuners 4.6 kit (12 Royal Blues and 12 Whites) on their Duo700 controller on my Biocube29. Using an Apogee PAR meter I was seeing ~ 700 at the top of the tank and ~ 90 on the sand bed. I own a Seneye that also has a PAR meter in it that is close to what the Apogee read. Installation was simple. Unsolder the 4 strips that come with the 4.6 kit. Drill 12 holes and mount to the nanotuners heatsink, and then solder 8 leads. I purchased 2 of the 13UP modules, there are two channels on each module. If I had a comment on changes for a version 2, I would have liked to see the solder pads spaced a little further apart. It was a pain with the eyesight of a 49 year old to actually see the pads, much less solder 8 leads and make sure they don't touch. Visual appearance, I don't see anything different than what I had the the 4.6. There is no extra POP in the corals. They all look the same. PAR readings are different. Measured with the Seneye I'm seeing 1100 at the water surface 200 at the sand bed. So yes, they do put out more PAR. I've turned them down to 80% Blue and 70% white to not stun the corals. Shipping was fast, I bought them on the site on Sunday and had them in my mailbox on Wednesday. I had a few questions and Dave was fast to respond. Here is what it looked like with the 4.6 with the Apogee for reference (yes the tank was new). I'll post a Nanobox shot when I get my hands on the Apogee.
  14. Edison 3.6 LEDs biocube 14

    6 x 3W each strip. The DUO700 controller also drives their 4.6 so you could run another strip if you could find the room on that heatsink. Looking at the pictures, it looks like you have the 3 blue and 3 white per strip config. Nanocustoms is out of business now and various sites say that they were sold exclusive to them. I'll be selling 4 strips (2 all white, 2 all blue) in a week or two. I went with that config so I could drive the blues and whites separately.
  15. LED Aesthetics: What do you really think of your color?

    Thanks, Order placed for 2.