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  1. Fire blood shrimp

    I would remove it. We have a pair of Fireshrimp is both of our tanks and we remove the molts as soon as we notice them. I feel it is more important is a less established system. I think of it as tank maintenance 👍
  2. Both of the are very nice pieces Harry. Unfortunately most people dont understand the time it takes to create pieces like you are. @spectra how was the swap? We were thinking of making the drive, but John was scheduled for a open to close shift and couldnt swing the day off. I didnt want to go myself, but I sure did want to attaned.
  3. ^^ That looks Great Harry, very nicely done sir 👍👍
  4. Yes, yes you heard correctly 👍👍
  5. I am on the "cheaper to keep er" program 😏
  6. Lol, And I also hate 100lb rotting pumpkins in the driveway in February 😂😂
  7. Now why would we butt heads ? The HOA was in place before the properties in the neighborhood sold. We had the choice, buy into the neighborhood with the HOA, or Not. The American way - Freedom of Choice 👍👍 For lots of people, in lots of community's, the HOA is not necessary. I am all for people owning farm animals - pigs, chickens, goats, whatever - in a rural setting, where they belong. Now these same farm animals have no place in neighborhoods. I am all for holiday decorations, during the holiday, but they are not to be on display year round. I think it also depends on the HOA as well. Our is very fair and reasonable- We have rules and guidlines to follow and they are very upfront with what is acceptable, and whats not. Again, all bout choices. Its now for everyone, but it sure is for me 👍
  8. Now thats a little over the top! Our HOA has rules, but are not unrealistic or unreasonable. Its nice to now live in a neighborhood where Christmas lights are not left up year round 😂😂
  9. I like America, and knowing my investment is protected with rules, that we agreed to follow before purchasing our homes in our neighborhood 😁
  10. I love the fact that we have a HOA, and support it 100% , and now would never live without one. My old house in my old neighborhood did not have a HOA, and my neighborhood went to shit. We had the nicest, most well kept place, that was devalued based on my neighbors. Unkept lawns, raggedy old broken fences, broken down cars, barking ass dogs , and Roosters and chickens as pets. I now have the peace of mind knowing that my main investment, my home, is protected. My HOA has rules, that are in place to protect us homeowners and our investments. We dont have to worry about broken down dead cars in the driveways. We dont have to worry about obnoxiously barking dogs day and night. We dont have to worry about someone with a leaky roof fixing it with a blue tarp and battons. We dont have to worry about our neighbors getting 50 hens and 10 roosters as pets. For me the HOA is a blessing 👍👍
  11. Thats a really colorful booger you got there - hopefully it will be a fast grower for you👍
  12. @jack1978 so did you get your light all figured out yet?
  13. Well, I am my own Lawnman 😱 Most local companies wont service me untill they get atleast 3 or 4 of my neighbors on board so it is worth their while. It will literally take them less than 30 minutes to do my place, start to finish. I figure now I will have some extra time to coral shop and websurf 😂😂
  14. @Lawnman So I will be having this installed in the upcoming weeks 😋 My days of working in the yard are over 😁 They will remove the sod and 6" of soil. They will grade for proper water drainage, install the drainage piping and install Gopher / Mole / Vole screening. They will then cover with a 6" base of compacted crushed gravel and install the underlaiment and then the turf. K9 grass will go in the back yard, and the Select VR will be in the front yard 👍👍👍 http://www.foreverlawn.com/k9grass/
  15. @HarryPotter > I can not emphasize enough the importance of High Quality tooling. This is one area that you do not want to use inferior, knock off products. Research before you purchase. Low grade steel is No good when it comes to woodworking. @StinkyBunny is absolutely correct, HSS sharpening sucks. It is very time consuming and requires a special touch, which can only be gained thru experience. My grinderman , ( at my business) is a true master of his craft with over 30 years experience. He has taught me so much, but it is just a fraction of what he knows. His first and most basic lesson is High Quality, American made steel 👍👍