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  1. @Christopher Marks yes sir, We also push it to the deadline πŸ‘ Knowing we will have to pay πŸ’°
  2. Why da fuq I didnt get some good stuff though..... Not bein greedy, just sayin.....
  3. Well, after 45 minutes on the phone ☎️ to arabia or some shit, and not results, I thought I would check in here 😟 We just got a cal, back and now We are being told to just open it and keep what ever is delivered, or dispose of it - our choice. They will re issue to the correct person. So Jen opened the box and Laughed at me as she handed me the box - Testosterone suppliments πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”
  4. @Sancho so someone just delivered a package to our house , with our address on itfrom amazon prime, that we did not order. It has someone’s name on it that we have no clue of... What should I do? We dont know who delivered it to try to return it. How would I go abouts sending it back??
  5. This one was to wide to fit in the carrier, so it was done old school - by hand 🀚 .... This one is 38” wide x 46” long and will be used for the top of a corner nook. Our carrier will only open to fit a 34” max width part.
  6. We can adjust the pressure. The carrier usually runs about 75lbs or so, but it depends on the species we are gluing up.I like to have lots of squeeze out as it ensures we have applied plenty of glue. We roll it on with a 9” roller and buy the glue in 55 gallon drums.
  7. @HarryPotter I did a little laminating myself today 😜
  8. Sent you a PM @spectra Look them up if !!
  9. Brutis has been teaching these little shits what is acceptable and what will not be tolerated. First lesson is β€œHe” is the boss and under No circumstances do you get on β€œ His β€œ bed.....
  10. I think close to you, We traveled to Vancouver. We put a deposit on 1 when she was 10 days old. My wife did a roadtrip to see her when she was 6 weeks and the Runt had not been claimed and the breeder had 0 interest in her. She asked my wife if we would get both of them for a severely discounted rate as a package deal. I said β€œ NO” , se said β€œYES”, ans walla, we have 2 female frenchie babies. We brought them home last friday.... They are both lovers, but got absolutely no early guidance on potty training or manners. They are quickly learning though....
  11. We have Reef tanks and Bulldogs. 3 Frenchies - 1 @ 1 year old and 2 9 week old babies, and our senior citizen English. Lots of attitude in our house πŸ˜‚
  12. My OCD would not allow my stand to be that disfunctional and unorganized. There is plenty that can be done with that mess. How you know what goes to what man?? No more horrific pictures like that 😱😱
  13. 300$ a month, they better be doing my yard work and washing my cars as well πŸ‘πŸ‘ Thats a bit much πŸ€”