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  1. http://www.workshoppages.com/ws/misc/wood-hardness-chart.pdf Better to do it as a link, so I dont clog up the thread πŸ‘
  2. @HarryPotter It looks like it possible could be based on the Janka Hardness of the species of lumber. http://tinytimbers.com/janka.htm I am not familiar with the model of Moisture Meter. https://www.wagnermeters.com/shop/mmc220-extended-range-moisture-meter/?gclid=CjwKCAiA6qPRBRAkEiwAGw4Sdpxob1Fnolx5McjNqFcb4OuNwcN8MODJC5B2RKQ7xmZs8noOOFnJ7xoCzHIQAvD_BwE We have several different meters, but this is my choice for ease of use.
  3. @HarryPotter we use plain anodized grade 8 Torx bolts with locktight on every bolt. They are all hand tightened and then torked with a wrench to the manufacturers reccomended specs. Remember, it takes us a lot of time when we do our planer.
  4. Harry, Glad to see you are OK. You will definitely feel it tomorrow though, so expect to be sore. Make damn sure to get your wood from the trunk though πŸ‘
  5. @HarryPotter - Yeah, thats bit wild 😜 You sure do like that Purple Heart πŸ’œ , dont you. Its a rainy ass , stormy day in the PNW, so tank maintenance is on the docket. Water changes first, then I will take some time to frag out some Zoos that are growing like weeds. Ithink I will be sending @jack1978 a box πŸ“¦ once they have healed up a bit.
  6. We are getting flocked again this year 😱 I got 20 lbs this year because last year I bought 14lbs and got cleaned out in just over an hour. At the rate we are going even the 20lbs is not going to get us through the night.
  7. Haha..clove polips are like the cockroach of the reef. We made the mistake of adding some to the the softy reef, and really regret it. No matter how hard we try to nuke them, they still come back 😳😳
  8. @seahostler Yes, all my photos are under Hydra 26 lighting. I am a reefer who snaps photos of my livestock, so I will let others who are most likely more experienced in photography comment on beta testing. Not to sure if I would be any help to you.
  9. I purchased the app and played with it a little bit last night. I run a heavy blue spectrum and have been searching for an easy way to take quick photos. I do have a nice DSLR, but am most always to lazy to use it. I have purchased other items to assist with photos , at a much higher price. Attached is a photo using the app. I think this app is well worth the $1.99 I paid for it πŸ‘
  10. Harold, Makita and Dewalt both make a quality electric orbital sander, I have owned both of them. At the shop we only use Numatic orbital sanders. Dynabrade 58414 is our go to at the shop πŸ‘
  11. Thats a cool looking fish, but that price though 😱😱
  12. ^^^ looks like my pics when I dont use the Aquariclip πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Iphones and LED’s dont work together very well 😁 @Sancho what kind o fish you takin pics of ? Cant reall make it out 🀣
  13. Harry, it looks like you have a pretty good understanding of your costs, which is what I was mainly looking for. While I know this is just a fun hobby for you right now, never discount your time and services related to your builds. You are making very quality pieces and you should make sure to price them accordingly πŸ‘ It looks like the maple Shell carries is all Eastern Maple. Eastern relates to the region in which it is harvested. We deal with both Eastern and Western maple. Eastern Maple’s sapwood is very white, while Western maple sapwood is more of a yellow or dull white in color. Eastern maple is more a dense wood, and it seems to finish much better and be more visually appealing.
  14. Nicley Done Harry! So what is next on your equipment β€œwish list” ? What are the dimensions of the Walnut block on order and the specs? You should create a price list for some standard size blocks that you are producing and send it to me. Edge grain - Eastern White Maple - all sap wood - NO Heartwood. Standard sizes include 25” x 36 , 48, 60 , 72 , 84 , 96” . πŸ‘πŸ‘