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  1. Sicce Syncra 1.5 pump

    I'll take it! PM me your paypal info.
  2. Best way to move a bta

    Another method I've tried, and it has worked is to suspend the rock above a bucket of saltwater (or your tank) and gravity will pull it down, and it will let go. You can speed up the process (if you can get at it's foot) and gently massage the the anemone's foot with an ice cube. key it to keep the anemone moist, but eventually gravity will win.
  3. Smart ATO Micro worth the cash!?

    +1 to what GraniteReefer said. I have 2, one for my main display and one on my anemone prop tank...both have worked flawlessly.
  4. Ruby red dragonet starvation

    I have had luck with Masstick with ruby reds...they just park right next to where you stick the food and just peck at it. Plus, you can add selcon and other stuff to it to make it more nutritious for them.
  5. Fire blood shrimp

    I leave the molts in my tank and the fire shrimp has always consumed it's molt. When I had skunk cleaners, they never ate their molts.
  6. Progress on Orders : Check your order and others!

    I love my new light!! Thank you sir!!
  7. CAD Lights Zen 7 Gallon Adventure ~ Tonyb292

    Best Fish is the best...no pun intended! Brian and Judy are the owners and they do a lot for the community. I support them any chance I get...and you can beat their prices on livestock. I will be going there probably on Friday or Saturday.
  8. No, unfortunately not looking to do a trade.
  9. Good Evening Everyone, I have a Kessil 160, gooseneck and controller for $250 shipped. It was run for about a year, no more than 35%. I have all the original boxes. First come, first served. PM is key, let me know. https://www.flickr.com/photos/81640704@N03/36584263103/in/dateposted/ https://www.flickr.com/photos/81640704@N03/37224970292/in/photostream/ https://www.flickr.com/photos/81640704@N03/36544094374/in/photostream/
  10. CAD Lights Zen 7 Gallon Adventure ~ Tonyb292

    For me, it started out loud...my wife didn't like it to much. But once that slime coat it there (it took about a month to build up), I was checking it every so often to make sure it was running, since it was so quiet. I had the end of the drain line terminate about 1"-1.5" below the water in the first chamber, and in a filter sock to catch the big detritus and a finer floss on the egg crate with chemipure blue below for the final polishing. I can't wait to see how this turns out!!
  11. CAD Lights Zen 7 Gallon Adventure ~ Tonyb292

    It is super silent in the config it's in now currently. It took a while, but once it gets the bacteria slime coat growing on the pipe walls, it is dead silent. How does the drain pipe terminate in the sump?
  12. CAD Lights Zen 7 Gallon Adventure ~ Tonyb292

    Nice to see my old tank up and running!! How is it working out? How do you like the tide? I'm contemplating putting a duo plus m over my drop off instead of the kessil (i want more control over the light).
  13. Mame Overflow FS