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  1. Folks, I appreciate the responses but I will not be able to sell this item for $150. I have to pay paypal and ship it to you!
  2. I am selling an Ecotech Marine Vortech MP10ES. It was manufactured December 16, 2010. I purchased the unit in March 2011. I would post a picture but you already know what it looks like! It is in the OEM box with all cables and paperwork. I will ship to the lower 48. Please PM with any questions. I recently sold off my entire set up and someone backed out on this item last minute.
  3. (SOLD) I am selling the below listed items (all items in factory box less than 1 year old): $90 - Tunze 9002 (magnet has been moved to the side to accommodate small chambers such as the Solana) $10 - InTank Tunze 9002 Collection Cup $30 - InTank Solana Media Basket with Media Foam Holder I will ship USPS in the lower 48. Shipping will vary depending on what you purchase. PM me with zip code and what you are interested in. Paypal only Thanks!
  4. The Official All Solana Owner's Thread

    I used to hate my Tunze 9002 until I did the modification and now it works awesome. You have to disconnect the tube running to the blue dial on the top of the skimmer. You then get a longer tube and run it out of the bottom of the skimmer out of the tank. You attach an air regulator ( I guess that is the right word ) like the one that comes with any powerhead and leave it out in the air. This enables you to adjust the airflow 100% better than the way Tunze has it designed. I hope this helps. The next time I clean mine I will take a few photos and post them.
  5. jcieutat's 34G Solana

    Here are a few pics with the DIY mount I made from copper tubing that was then painted black. The fixture is great. I only wish I was not burnt out on the weekly water changes!!!!
  6. Ich question

    Maybe I reacted a little quickly flushing the fella but I am not one of these hobbyist who has tanks scattered all over the place. I hope the other 3 hold on but if not, they will have to take a ride down the toilet as well. We shall see..
  7. Ich question

    I put a coral beauty in my tank a few weeks ago and it has been doing fine. Over the past few days, I have noticed that it is not eating well. Today, I noticed that it appears to be getting ich. My other three fish look fine. I am prepared to take the loss on this one fish. What are the chances of it spreading to the other fish once I get this one out? Unfortunately I do not have a QT so he will be taking the porcelain express.
  8. 250 MH or AI SOL?

    Not sure about par but the main issue for me was heat. The SOL does not put out any. It is also efficient. It does not come with the hanging kit but I think its like $30. You could always do a DIY hanging mount. I have SPS, LPS, etc in my Solana and I only have the AI going up to 55%.
  9. What is your occupation?

    Investigator for your Uncle Sam. I spend around $25 a month on the hobby.
  10. Toadstool Leather question

    I hope it is just shedding its top layer. I was hesitant with putting this angel in there but all the research I did pointed to this one being the "reef safe" one. He has not went near any other coral. I am still trying to get him to eat good. The problem I am running into is the clownfish are hogging all the food. He also does not like the seaweed strips which is what they are supposed to like..
  11. Toadstool Leather question

    I have had this coral in my tank for a while now. Even though it is a less desirable one, it is really big and fills a large void in the top of my tank. I recently added a coral beauty angel into my tank. The leather is the only coral that it seems to go by and for that reason the leather has not opened up in over a week. It is shriveled and kind of shiny. The coral beauty goes around picking on the live rock for algae and he is also doing this only on the leather. Will this leather ever acclimate to this fish doing this? If not, is the coral just going to bite the dust?
  12. New fish suggestions

    In my 34G Solana, I currently have 2 skunk clowns, 1 six line wrasse, and 1 coral banded shrimp. For some time, I also had a Yellow Coris Wrasse who did great for 4 months and then all of a sudden stopped eating and died. I then put in a bi color blenny that the shrimp decided to take out. Below is a picture of my tank. Any fish suggestions that are not too expensive? I stopped by a LFS the other day and saw two angels that I really like but I think my tank might be a little too small. I just want to add one more fish. Thanks guys
  13. wife and the coral store

    This is why I come home with the coral instead of bringing my wife with me!
  14. Solana 34 build

    Looks like your on your way. Between the light fixture and the tank being by the window, I know that puppy is heating up. I am not sure what your looking to spend on a light but I am totally pleased with my AI Sol Blue fixture. It puts out no heat and the controller enables you to create a custom light schedule. It is nice to simulate dawn to dusk! The thunderstorm mode is cool until it scares the hell out of you by going off in the middle of the night! I now remember why I got out of this hobby years ago! I could have almost bought a supercharger for my Mustang by now!!!
  15. Yellow Clown Goby!

    What a coincidence. I added a Clown Goby a few days ago and I noticed the very next day that my Montipora (only SPS in my tank) started to turn white on the edges. Leading up to adding the fish, this Montipora has been doing awesome under my new light.