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  1. Hypes Archipelago

    Man that sux so much dude Are you going to do a In Memorium post with all the final specs and equipment listed with some of your favorite pix?
  2. Hypes Archipelago

    I second that , they are pretty easy, way easier to maintain and cheaper than a reef tank for sure, dendroboard has alotta good info on all that, I think you should keep ur tank going and not tear it down let it grow in, and start a new viv for us to have pix of to look at lol.
  3. Hypes Archipelago

    I LOVE that pic of the Dart Frog just chillin on the leaf, I love PDF's, after I get my tank all set up and running I wanna get a PDF vivarium going
  4. Hypes Archipelago

    That reservoir is HAWT
  5. Hypes Archipelago

    lovin all the pix since my last re: I got a new job that pays twice what I made before so hopefully I'll be starting to collect the equipment pretty soon for my tank! I'm sure it'll still be awhile till I fill it up cause I wanna get all the good stuff to start off right at the beginning of it's life so I don't have any of those "aw man I shoulda spend the extra 50 bucks," moments lol. Keep up the good work.
  6. Hypes Archipelago

    I'm super glad your not taking it down dude I look at your thread all the time still but never post cause ppl say what I would anyway lol. I got a nice tank and stand myself, wanted to go with a shallow cube but was WAY to expensive for me, I ended up going with a 36x24x36 starfire glass rimless with a built in overflow box that could be less intrusive but 350 for the tank and stand together I couldn't pass it up. It'll be a long time still till I get it wet, i'm slowing getting equipment for it and I just lost my job so it'll be even longer lol. Keep putting up pix to keep me going!
  7. 8 x 24w ATI Sunpower

    would this work on a 36"x24" tank?
  8. Hypes Archipelago

    Kinda a thought I had though I havn't had to deal with lighting a salt tank yet, though I did just buy it(!), couldn't you add like a small "supplemental" MH bulb to get the shimmer you want and still have the t5/led glory/pop?
  9. My new 50g cube

    I love it! I'm following.
  10. Hypes Archipelago

    thx for the tips on the light fixture guys im totally lookin into that when i get home, those pip pix are great hype btw
  11. Hypes Archipelago

    Hype that light is sick! I'm thinking of going the T5 route as well. I'm i'm pretty sure i'm going to get a pico aquariums ridge 24 too, I really like it. You think I could get away with just using a nano skimmer in the back, cheato and floss in that and be cool with softies, cuc and like 2 fish? I was thinking of going with this lighting http://www.bulkreefsupply.com/store/produc...5-fixtures.html that should be good for that tank right?
  12. So i'm finally in the market for my first reef tank and i'm pretty sure I wanna go with the Pico, what kinda lighting and filtration would you think I would need with that for hardies and softies and a couple of fish? Since it's such a small tank can I get away with putting a nano skimmer in the back and some cheato and floss? Or say screw it and get a small sump? Anyone know of some good deals and a good light? Thanx for any and all tips!
  13. Hypes Archipelago

    Nice thx dude.
  14. Hypes Archipelago

    Thanx for the email dude, i'm def going to hit up that guy for a sump if I go that rout. Bad news ona custom pico though they said they aren't doing customs now I guess I've been doing some browsing of other sites and I can't seem to find any shallow cubes I can just buy, you know of another site that does that kinda work? Also, where'd you get that stand? Did you order it from somewhere or already had one? Sorry for all the questions and everything, i just love ur tank and how you do lol
  15. Hypes Archipelago

    Yea I was looking at pico and liking what they're doing over there, you got a link for advanced acrylics, all I get is some guy that makes business awards or somthign