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  1. Hi all. I've changed lights again and have 2x Kessil A360W E-series lights I no longer need. They are the saltwater Tuna Blue spectrum. Beautiful lights and I had great results with them. They have about 4 months of use on them, 7.5 hours a day. Full disclosure - one light has a little bit of pitting on the hanging ring (but the body/LEDs are flawless). I also have the controller (with magnetic mount) and a link cable for the lights. All are in perfect working order. Will sell separate or together. Free controller if you buy both! Price includes tracked/insured shipping to CONUS. International at your cost/risk. Message with any questions! Thanks! Kessil A360We Tuna Blue - $225 Each Kessil Controller - $70 Buy both lights and get the controller free!
  2. Yeah if I can get out of work before my lights are off I'll get some shots. My potter recently passed after nearly 4 years with me. Came home to find him gone without a trace. Best guess is an anemone got him... Though he had been fine with them for quite a while.
  3. Here's the reactor. Bulk Reef Supply has it on their website if that helps. Let me know if you need better pictures... Here is the calcium reactor. I'll get some pics of just it tomorrow. It is powered by an Eheim circulation pump and Rio feed pump. It's actually pretty small which makes it wonderful for fitting into a cabinet below a nano. I actually ran this bad boy on a biocube back in the day... Works like a champ.
  4. Sure thing. I'll have some pics up shortly! Absolutely. Pics up soon!
  5. Thanks for more sales, nano-reef! Still have a lot available!!
  6. I've got two A360WE Tuna Blues for sale... Not sure if you would be interested in the bigger ones. Have a controller too.
  7. Bump for new items added!! 2x Kessil A360WE Tuna Blue 1x Kessil Spectral Controller 1x Apex Jr
  8. If you only want calcium, use something like Reef Advantage Calcium. Its a powder that does calcium. When using a two part or any multi-part system you always want to dose every part, not just one.
  9. Fusion 1 & 2 from Seachem works pretty well. There are also about a million powder supplements, and the A-B-C system from Red Sea is nice if you don't mind all the testing