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  1. above is a link that explains the conversion and is illustrated by images. This is what I followed. I did not add the light as seen in the images. I added a reptile clip on light fixture to the back of the tank that hangs a few inches above the fuge. I have a 6500K, low wattage light from Home Depot. Have not checked phosphates. Need to do this. No algea problems in tank just fuge..?? I only run the lights 7a-7p and cheato seems to be growing fine. Dont want to light to leak into display at night
  2. I converted by AC50 into a small fuge as well. Its been running for about a month. I was told I have enough rock in display that I don't need rubble in fuge. I have a baffle area that holds floss. I placed chemi-pure elite on bottom with a ball of cheato on top. Have seen a slight decrease in nitrates from 20 to 15. Now I have an unfavorable algea outbreak. looks like a combo of diatoms and cyano. fuge runs from 7a to 7p. any advice??