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  1. Need Moonlighting Recommendation

    Maybe give the moonlight kits at www.rapidled.com a look. They are easy to mount and dont require a lot of room. I'm not familar with the Fluval hood so you need to check it out before you buy. The customer service at rapidled is great so maybe send them an email and they can tell you with more confidence. I'm betting someone has asked this question before.
  2. Hi, I'm going to start dosing with the Zeovit system and build a simple homemade reactor to stick in the rear chamber of my BC 29. Per the zeovit instructions I need to put about 25 GPH through the reactor in the beginning then get it up to 35 GPH once I've done the first change of the zeovit material. Can anyone recommend a good small (2"x3") pump? My current front runner is the Danner Mag Drive Mini. It pushes 65 GPH at 0" head, but has an adjustable flow control. Priced at $15.99 doesn't seem too bad. http://www.marinedepot.com/Danner_Mag_Driv...IWPSBUF-vi.html Let me know if anyone else has a favorite...
  3. Temperature Fluctuation

    Fan in the rear part of the hood. Fan blowing on the headsink
  4. Temperature Fluctuation

    I now have 4 fans running on my biocube 29 - the 2 that are standard in hood, 1 blowing in and 1 blowing out; another on the side of the LED heatsink blowing air across and the 4th in the rear chamber blowing down. My ambient house temp is 77 as well and to keep the tank from getting over 80 during the day I have to leave the LED and rear fan running 24/7. My morning temp is 78 and evening is 80. I'll take pictures this weekend and post. I was hoping I could keep the fluctuation closer to 1 degree, but I decided that an overall lower temperature was more important than a 2 degree change.
  5. Temperature Fluctuation

    Thanks. I'll try to start working on bringing down the total tank heat now.
  6. Temperature Fluctuation

    After trying many different configurations on my biocube to figure out what worked best to keep the temperature low and steady, I think I've finally got it. I've had fluctuations of up to 4 degrees in the past but now I'm down to 1 degree difference - 81.3 in the morning before lights and skimmer turn on, then 82.4 after running 8 hours. So, my question is should I continue to try to close the gap between 81.3 and 82.4?
  7. sand cleaning livestock

    I am running chemi-pure elite - its about 2 months old now. My ro/di tests at 001 ppm for tds too. I agree about the phosphate test kit. Im not too happy with API and will be ordering a red sea kit soon. Should I be concerned about the diatoms?
  8. sand cleaning livestock

    Recently I've started to notice some brown algae appearing on the sand during the daytime. Its not bad and typically the little snails that come out at night take care of it pretty well, but is there some other snail, hermit, crab, etc that would do a good job of keeping the sand turned over during the day? I have Fiji Pink sand so its not too large of a substrate. Thanks for the suggestions!
  9. bubble coral looking sick

    The area its in now does not receive alot of flow, but it may be receiving too much light. Ill try moving it under a ledge and see if that helps. I haven't seen any critters on it so I don't think that has been the issue. Thanks for all your help and ideas.
  10. bubble coral looking sick

    It's getting worse. Other corals are doing fine so I didn't know if it was a bacterial or parasite problem - that's why I dipped it.
  11. bubble coral looking sick

    PH - 8.2 LEDs - 8RB, 4B, 4NW, 4CW Phos - 0 (As far as I can tell from API test) Nitrate - 0
  12. bubble coral looking sick

    Ive had this bubble for about 3 weeks now and over the last week it hasn't been inflating as much. My water parameters looks good so I'm confused. Yesterday I did a lugols dip but haven't seen any improvement as of yet. Does anyone have any ideas of other parameters I can test for? Also, would it benefit to do another dip? Temp- 82 salinity - 1.024 Cal - 420 Mag- 1290 Alk- 8
  13. HELP! - LED's Blinking

    Thanks for the quick replies. As soon as I posted the topic I tested each LED individually. 7 of them are blown or just not working.... *sigh* For the next time, how can I test the string of LED"s with a multimeter before I plug them in?
  14. HELP! - LED's Blinking

    I just changed some LED's in my 29 BC and hooked it back to to drivers. Not all of the LED's came on so I unplugged it a checked some solder joints. The next time I plugged it in even less LED's came on and now the ones that do light up are now blinking at about a blink per minute. Can you please help me diagnose what the problem could be? Setup details are below. Rapid LED BC 29 Kit 20 LED kit x2 Mean Well ELN-60-48P Drivers - http://www.rapidled.com/mean-well-eln-60-4...immable-driver/ x1 DDC-01 PWM Controller - http://www.rapidled.com/ddc-01-pwm-controller/
  15. What kind of coral is this?

    How do I feed cyclopeeze? Do I target feed the corals or just let it drift with the tank circulation?