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    I´m a Violin Music Major and my hobbies are bonsai and reefs
  1. buying small amounts of live rock?

    True, I retract my statement... Sadly sometimes I don't dip my new coral... Probably why I sometimes get weird hitchhickers!?
  2. buying small amounts of live rock?

    I would honestly go with cup of live sand... To many weird critters got into my pico as hitchhickers. If your worried about things such as populating pods and the ever popular coraline algea, you will definatly get enough when you buy your first coral.
  3. buying small amounts of live rock?

    I looked some up for you, http://www.ebay.com/itm/live-coral-cured-INDO-Rock-LIVEROCK-saltwater-reef-aquascape-aqua-scape-/190776236049?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item2c6b265811 I have no affiliation with this seller and not sure of its quality. You could also get a cup of live sand from your LFS and that should be enough to seed the base rock.
  4. An anemone for your bathtub!

    Dang is that considered weird... Maybe I shouldn't mention that I already own three
  5. Its So Blue... Help!

  6. Its So Blue... Help!

    Recent update: I fixed the problem... And I burned my finger. We are now in the coral growing buisness again. Not really.... Remember it's only a 1/2g
  7. Its So Blue... Help!

    I know what you mean... I can't walk near old bushes without imagining what their potential could be. Sometime, after I look around to assure myself that no one is looking, I lift up the bottom branches and see if it has good nebari and wether or not it has taper. How many do you have? I have a good little herd! I love trident maples!!!
  8. Its So Blue... Help!

    Yes sir
  9. Its So Blue... Help!

    Understood, oh well. What a great look it would have been. Off to sleep so I have the strength to solder an LED back tommorow. One great thing about this forum. Work days, weekends and holidays... Not to mention at all hours, someone has got my back, answering the random questions on my mind. To bad the bonsai forums aren't as dedicated to my accumulation of knowledge. It's been 20 mins and no one has yet to answer my question... Bunch of slackers.
  10. Its So Blue... Help!

    Wow that was a fast reply lol, I literally just reloaded the page.
  11. Its So Blue... Help!

    Hey, everyone. With the New Year madness I backed right into my tank slightly moving my lights. All went black. I quickly unplugged it and found out that my warm white LED broke at the solder (I have 3, 2 royal blues and one warm white). I rigged it to work and all my coral now glow fantastically under the 2 RB. I was going to fix it first thing tomorrow morning but now I'm kinda enjoying my aquarium this color. Will my coral actually grow with just the royal blues? I have different zoas,red mushrooms, hairy mushrooms, some leather, an acan, and GPS. I have the Cree XT-E if that makes a difference. Min. radiant flux 500mW @ 350mA 1500mA max. drive current 450-465nm wavelength Forward voltage 2.85V (typical)-3.5V (maximum) @350mA CREE part number XTEARY-00-0000-000000L01
  12. ~Mini Bar~

    I love it. Great job! What are you using for heat?
  13. Coral Id(S) Needed

    Lol yup. That's what I do as well. I rarely pay mare than 20 dollars for anything. Your coral looks great!
  14. Coral Id(S) Needed

    The third ones down (large green polyps) are commonly called green implosion buttons and the last one is a ricordea. It's difficult to Id. Zoas becouse everyone has their own ridiculous names for them to make them more expensive. Unless you payed a large sum of money for a promised name dont worry to much about them. Make up something for example: I'll call the first ones yellow goldfish eaters with brown skirts, now sell them for 30$ a polyp.
  15. AIO Sub-Gallon

    Thanks. If you want to see my old tank the link is in my signature.