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  1. Bubble algae

    Looks like a low flow issue. Get a good power head like a Jebao, or MP10 and I bet your problem clears.
  2. AI Lighting Product Quality

    I have had an AI Nano for over three years and have never had a complaint with it. I did have a noisy fan for awhile but after I cleaned it it ran quiet again. On another tank of mine I have a custom light from nano tuners when they were still around. Love the light but full spectrum wasn't around when I had it made. I am strongly considering the prime to replace it. I have always liked the control I had with the ai nano, better then what I get with the nano tuners being controlled by my reef keeper with an advanced light controller. Just have to decided if I can make the move to topless.
  3. Nano Pipeless Protein Skimmer Giveaway from CAD Lights!

    Acans are always my favorites.
  4. AI Sol Nano... I'm LOST!

    If you look at AI's web site they only list one nano. www.aquaillumination.com/nano/specs.html Not sure why brs has two. Call brs if you have questions they are great to work with. But i think it is just a mistake on their end. The tech specs show 10 LEDs but only list 6. The other 4 have to be the royal blues.
  5. AI Sol Nano... I'm LOST!

    Just one nano. You can really adjust the colors. From very white to very blue.
  6. How To - Aquastyle DIY LED - Coral Photos Added

    I would just go with the standard drivers unless you have a controller to dim them. Mine have been running at almost 100% for about a year without issue. You probably won't need the optics on a 10 gallon. Go with the 60 and experiment with and without. I ended up not using them over my 10 gallon.
  7. The Unofficial WalMart Pico Contest

    Is there a thread for this yet? Seems like everyone lost interest.
  8. Rosco Pico Tank

    I'm going to be out of town for the rest of the month so just in case I'm still in this little contest here are updated photos. Just about all my Zoas have disappeared but everything else has been doing well. The pistol is doing well. I hear him every night and even get to see him once in awhile.
  9. The Unofficial Walmart Pico Contest

    I forgot!! So am I out now
  10. Tinkering (leds installed! with pics)

    How are things going with the leds? Have you bleached anything yet? I have been crazy busy but still want to come see your lights some time. I have a frag of ora green birds nest and a pink for you if you want them. They are really small pieces that got broken off my frags. But they are both growing under the AI nano on my frag tank! Oh have some of that monti for you too. It has really blued up under brighter light.
  11. The Unofficial Walmart Pico Contest

    Always at the last minute.
  12. +1 I have been fighting cyano for months. I have lots of flow, got my phosphates, and nitrates down to zero and still could get rid of it. Used Chemiclean and it is gone. It has been 3 weeks and so for no trace. Coral and fish were unaffected. My zoas have opened again, and rainbow monti has shown growth in the time it has be clean.
  13. Tinkering (leds installed! with pics)

    My pistol took a small yuma and I never found it! The torch will probably recover. Are you working all weekend?
  14. Tinkering (leds installed! with pics)

    How are the lights working? Everything adjusting?
  15. Crazy Trigger

    Years ago I had a picasso trigger that loved to be petted. You could just stick your finger in the tank and it would come rub on it. Even laying on its side so you could get the tummy. I had it for years and it would lay in the palm of hand if you cupped it in the water. I was in college then and it was a great party trick. I moved and sold him to a lfs. Still the favorite fish I have ever had.