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  1. Wow. Do you order them online?
  2. That orange one alone was probably $600!
  3. Nice tank. I really like that torch coral!
  4. Aww :')
  5. I love the rock scape!
  6. Is that only one anemone?
  7. Thanks! I'm not sure what kind of gorg it is though. This guy sent it to me as a "free sample" when I ordered some other corals from him. XD
  8. I reaaaaaaaalllllyyy want to de-rim my BC29, but im scared. :'(
  9. oh my gawdddd. give me that plateeee!
  10. That orange plate is sexy.
  11. who ever is rating all these photos with a 1 is just jealous. js.
  12. looks like a meat coral.
  13. i think something like a par 30 or par 38 led bulb would make the tank look amazing!
  14. *drools