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  1. Help I.D Corals

    1 kind of looks like an anemone too.
  2. Acan Garden

    Wow. Do you order them online?
  3. what type of coral is this?

    Pagoda cup?
  4. whitecap goby

    They usually have them on liveaquaria.com in the Diver's Den section.
  5. New FTS

    That orange one alone was probably $600!
  6. New Coral

  7. New golden seahorse in new 2 gallon fluval spec AIO

    Golden seahorse? Are they dwarf seahorses? If not, I'm not sure about how they'll do in your 2g. And how old is your tank?
  8. Is Windex safe?

    For the past two years I've been thinking my biocube was acrylic.
  9. Another zoa ids?

    The first one kind of looks like candy apple pinks. I'm not sure on the second one. The last one looks like pink elephants.
  10. To mush light for Spotted Mushrooms?

    Maybe they need to be light acclimated. try putting them under an overhang and slowly move them out. I don't think that it is too much light, I just think they aren't used to it yet.
  11. I thought my shrimp had died...

    I thought the same thing the first time I got a cleaner shrimp. :')
  12. jbj 28 after a year

    Nice tank. I really like that torch coral!
  13. Dwarf Seahorse Advice

    no. If you want to have any other type of seahorse other than dwarf you need atleast a 30 gallon tank. And it's not recommended to keep a seahorse by itself. They do the best in pairs.
  14. saltwaterfish.com, good place to buy livestock?

    I just ordered from reefodyssey.com. They have beautiful livestock and everything is WYSIWYG. I wasn't disappointed at all.
  15. Snail?

    Considering it has eyes and a tube like mouth, it is probably a conch.