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  1. SPS crab-friend or foe?

    that thing is hairy...... as far as im concerned, foe
  2. coral mucus

    what color mucus?
  3. uhoh...crack!!

    id definitely exchange it for another one~
  4. Mushroom Attachment

    yes do it underwater so there's minimal contact
  5. Can you build a nano filter?

    There are many ppl who build skilters and skimmers in the DIY forum. The very cheapest way to build a nano reef is to buy good quality drystock from the very start.....
  6. Brown alge? Normal?

    its diatoms, part of the cycle and completely natural. Itll clear up due time depeding on how long your cycle lasts...g/l
  7. Mystery Red Macro.

    i want some mystery red macro~
  8. Mushroom Attachment

    make sure you're using super glue GEL. I'd ust let it sit in your sand bed happily and when you're ready to glue it, swip some current with your hands over it and itll flip over on its top and quickly squirt some gel on its butt, wait 20 seconds, and then quickly grab it, push on the rock and hold till it feels like its on for good. g/l
  9. What kind of RO unit is good for me?

    try ebay
  10. Mushroom Attachment

    just wanna remind you that it may not be attaching cause it doesnt like the area you want it. Ex: I have this certain kind of mushroom that HATES direct light and they all crawl off the rock unless its in a cave. theres different approaches you could take. IMO, 3 words....super glue gel~ you only need a LITTLE bit, to hold him to the rock until he decides to grab it himself. Dont handle it b4 applying or else the mucus will prevent the gel from working. g/l
  11. how long does carbon last in a tank?

    i use chemipure for months
  12. Virginia and Maryland

    Awww i was way late~ lol. maybe i should read the threads b4 postin =X Im still psyched that i got to actually touched a live nautilius yesterday at roozens... if someone gets it, ill buy tickets to sit infront of their tank!
  13. VOTE: sand w/ my canyon?

  14. anemone life

    had one. tripled in size every month. got sick of it taking up too much room. removed it from the rock to trade the next day. woke up to cloudy water and anemone soup.
  15. Will my tank survive 4 days of neglect every week?

    as long as when you are with the tank, you keep things perfect, yes. Id get an auto topoff cause thats the only prob. Infact, you will be amazed at how much things flourish when you leave them alone... g/l