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  1. Hypes Edgeless Ridge Islet-Complete

    Swing shifts at a new job don't allow for tank maintenance
  2. Hypes Edgeless Ridge Islet-Complete

    Gone unfortunately Feather duster pic is rad as usual.
  3. The Arachnophoto Thread

    spiders anytime = ####ing awful This one crawled into bed with me the other night.
  4. Rio Grande Twins

    Sorry to hear about the illness bud, I'm keen for some pics though!
  5. Maxima Size

    Definitely my picture. I never actually said it was a Maxima, I remembered you saying it was the first time I posted it. It was enormous though.
  6. Maxima Size

    What do you mean you recognise the picture? I took that picture personally at my LFS. It spent a few months in their tanks. I had another picture with my hand against it for size comparison.
  7. Maxima Size

    18+ inches .
  8. Chiller

    That isn't a chiller.
  9. *NEW* Red Sea Max Filtration Cover

    $130 shipping
  10. Nice one, Congratulations Mark.
  11. Please help me to identify the wrass

    Oh my god
  12. TOTM worthy?

    Your tank is thoroughly unimpressive sorry no TOTM for you.
  13. TOTM worthy?

    Why do you care? you should worry about your tank, if people nominate you than you should feel proud or whatever. Actually asking and then arguing as to why you should is ridiculous and arrogant. Get a life.
  14. GFY sticker show off thread