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  1. How many times do You go to the LFS

    I go every weekend at least, but I got 2 really good ones less than a mile away that I can ride the cruiser to during the week. Im gonna go make some rounds now. Ya gotta be on it if your looking for something you want or something new(ish) and different... Lol, I actually need to buy salt today and hopefully wont come home with any impulse purchases(which Im known to do )
  2. Captive bred frogfish ***Eggs hatched 4/19!

    A quick update... the babies are 5 weeks old at this point, and there have been some developements... They have eaten themselves down to a manageable number. Instead of 125+ little ones from last week, I now have around 80-90 bigger ones. This weekend Ill transfer all the frogfish and tankmates over to the new system, and I think Ill continue to keep these guys in groups that have both bigger ones and smaller ones, so they can continue to increase in size while decreasing in numbers. This cannabilism is for the best, imo, because it keeps them well-fed which I cant seem to do well enough... I got a tank ready in the new system that has 8 small compartments, so Ill put mixed-sized groups of 12 in each till I run out of babies... Oh, and I did find one lone dead baby this week, unknown causes...
  3. I got a new pet today

    Lol, I read this and its like I heard angels singing, the clouds parted, and I could juuuuust see nirvana...
  4. I got a new pet today

    Dang you guys all give up so easily... I like my octopus... Its actually starting to come out some... Shoot, I havent even had it a week yet... Ive never seen a cuttlefish locally, but if I do I might give it a try...
  5. I got a new pet today

    You know I been trying to find a red colored t5 in 48", I wanted to use it for cheato in my podfarm, but I guess it would also work here as well. The blue actinic over its tank is too bright I think...
  6. I got a new pet today

    Lol, seems Ive heard that before somewhere....
  7. Your aquarium always with YOU.

    I figured this would be a reference to the episode of Tanked I saw yesterday. They put the huge tank in that short shuttle bus... Im workin on installing a 120g in the back hatch of my 300zx...
  8. scratch tank back before painting?

    Actually, glass is a non-porous material, which is why it can hold water and also why most glues and paints wont reliably stick to it.... I like the window tint idea... A trick to application: wet the sticky side really well with "real" windex before you apply, then it can move around for a minute or so before the glue sticks... Ive tinted the windows myself in almost every car Ive ever owned. eta: If you really wanna use a rattle can, put the can out in the sun for a while so the paint gets nice and hot and sticky and thin/runny. It works much better that way, and as was said many thin coats is better than few thicker, letting each coat FULLY dry between applications. Ive never had a can of paint explode from heat in the sun, Ive left them out all day on 110 degree days, and even popped them in the oven for a few minutes in a pinch... Ive tried rollers and brushes, and they dont work well enough, leaving brush marks
  9. I got a new pet today

    Lol, Yeah honestly this little octo isnt very exciting at all so far...
  10. Our friend Jeremai has passed away.

    Cancer sucks...
  11. I got a new pet today

    I thought I read they also dont have the larval stage and go straight to small shrimps. I like them cause they are a good size for the anglers. These shrimp are no joke, they are like a pack of hyenas... I got 11 now, every time I see one I buy it.
  12. Captive bred frogfish ***Eggs hatched 4/19!

    Ok, so my buddy lent me his camera but its not much better than mine... Today is 5-12-12 and its for the little baby frogfish!
  13. I got a new pet today

    So I dunno what good a video of the octopus would be... Itsa pretty sendentary animal. It just sits there among the rocks and blends itself in to look like the rock. Even when I feed it ghost shrimp, it hasnt actively hunted them yet, only ambushed it when the shrimp got too close. Then it just wrapped itself around the shrimp and you could only see the head kinda moving up and down a tiny bit. The only way I can get it to move is to poke at the rock its on with my skewer, if you need to see it that bad I guess I could tease it once or twice for ya... I dunno, Im scared to... The shrimps are pretty big and the octo is pretty small... Im trying to get those camel shrimps to breed for angler food...
  14. Salmon

    Ive fed small cut chunks of salmon I caught to my fish and shrimp, and even to the shark at my buddys old store. Its greeeeazy stuff, hope you got a good skimmer... Seriously, it will leave a oil slick as soon as it hits the water, but wash all the oil out and your washing out the good omegas(imo). Just use small pieces, and I wouldnt blender it.
  15. Stomatopod breeding project

    Very exciting, good luck!