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  1. mhmmm that is...
  2. thats awesome
  3. It'll burn brighter than the sun! for a fraction of a second lol...
  4. Nice, Thanks for the support!
  5. like a circle, not like a triangle* lol! you need time to 8===)(===8? hahahaha
  6. Some call it a marine betta, I call it a comet grouper, I've also heard false moray eel and a few others... It's not a nano fish, I have mine housed in my 65 display tank. Scientific name is Calloplesiops altivelis Thanks btw!
  7. ahhhh crisp, like always!
  8. so sexy!
  9. =D yeah out of wrightsville about 75 miles out
  10. was the fight of my life, pretty much took all I had to get it in and I was trying to hurry cuz the sharks were out and hungry they prob. bit off at least 10 fish.
  11. lol pretty sure most of the sport fish outgrow nano tanks within the first few weeks of life, mahi/dorado dolphin can double size daily when they are juveniles.
  12. I have 1!!! Comet Grouper!