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  1. sold! mods take down please

    everything sold thanks
  2. WTB frogspawn or torch coral

    I have a nice green tip fiji frogspawn for sale and will ship
  3. sold! mods take down please

    NOrth Carolina!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. sold! mods take down please

  5. sold! mods take down please

    Fish: Yasha Goby & Huge Tiger Pistol Shrimp $75 B/W Clownfish Mated Clownfish pair male is misbar $150 One Spot Foxface $25 Royal Gramma $15 Marine Betta/Comet Grouper $75 Inverts: Scarlet Hermits Free w/ purchase Snails " " emerald crabs " " coral banded shrimp $10 Rose Bulb Tip anemone $75 Harlioquin Serpant Star $25 LPS: Frogspawn fiji green tip $75 HS chalice $15 Blasto Colony $50 Brain 1 $25 Brain 2 $20 war coral purple streakes $50 horn coral/hydnophora $30 Duncan colony $60 Sun coral $25 SPS: pink n purp bird -25 orange and blue bird-15 bird of paradise-5 fiji bird-50 green and purp bird-25 blue tri color acro-30 ora red planet-50 orange digi-10 green tip acro-10 yellow pocci-10 green pocci-10 potato chip-10 cactus purp tips-10 green monti-10 red monti-20 sunset monti-75 pink monti-10 SOFTIES: pompom-25 cabage-25 blue cloves-free red sponge-15 sempodium polyps-30 gsp-10 white green mouth paly-25 pink paly-25 green shroom-10 toadstool-30 seaf fan p/s gorg-40
  6. sold! mods take down please

    ora Red planet reef ball also has a small tri color acro attached$75 maxi mini rock covered in various corals$50 rbta$75 Sunset montipora rock $75 brain coral $25 War coral with purple$50 much more im selling everything in the tank so just text me for photos and or if you are looking for something specific, I also have some really nice livestock including a marine betta, yasha goby paired with pistol shrimp, pair of clowns b/2 male is misbar 828-773-8571 only shipping next day overnight
  7. WTB - LED or MH Lighting for 20 x 20 x 20 cube.

    dude i got a sweet little metal halide made by fni i will sell for $80 comes with a ballast a spare pendant hanging kit and Pheonix 14k bulb with at lest 6 months use left on the bulb. You can keep anything you want under that until you upgrade to an led fixture even better i have a rkl for sale also and then you have a controller also let me know if you are interested Thanks
  8. WTB - Reefkeeper SL-1 or SL-2

    got a rkl for sale
  9. What do I feed your cuc

    naw yall ruined this site now its a mess full of worthless garbage and yall just keep running it in the ground im glad to say NR is no longer a valuable resource just a jumble of ignorance
  10. What do I feed your cuc

    wow newbs everywhere
  11. What do I feed your cuc

    ya lol I dont let anyone but me feed my cuc lol
  12. WTB: 70w MH

    got 150 w mh w/ fni fixture w pheonix 14k bulb fs
  13. FS RKL and 150watt MH light

    Bump Price drop RKL$ 90 $80FNI Light now comes with another spare pendant and bulb free $30CPR L in tank fuge w/ pump
  14. FS RKL and 150watt MH light

  15. FS RKL and 150watt MH light