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  1. Made the jump back to reefing

    Well I bought the Tom's Surface Skimmer and I have to say it was the best $8.99 purchase I have ever made for a reef tank.
  2. Cyclop-eeze questions

    That is the stuff I used! I was confusing the frozen Mysis shrimp
  3. Cyclop-eeze questions

    I used to get something that was in cubes like this: http://www.marinedepot.com/H2O_Life_Cyclop...DFZFSCF-vi.html I am pretty sure it was the cyclopeeze brand as well. Only cost me $6. It worked fairly well for the filter feeders but I am not sure the fish got much benefit from it. They would just go insane when it hit the water with their mouths open. They all looked like miniature Baleen Whales.
  4. Where to Buy

    Another place I love is JJ's Reef & Aquarium in Moses Lake. I know it is a little far for the westsiders, but if there are any central WA lurkers they can go check it out. I used to go there all the time. It helps my wife's family is from there so I have an excuse to go visit when we fly over there.
  5. Where to Buy

    It has been about three months. My car has a service plan at the Scion dealership down the street and I get a ride over there when I am waiting for my car. I have been there quite a lot with all the recalls my car has had! .
  6. Where to Buy

    I miss the westside of the state, so many LFS to go to. Here in Spokane we now have 0 saltwater specialty stores. It is crazy. My favorite LFS would have to be Blue Sierra in Issaquah. Johnas the owner has been amazing in helping me get things for the tank and with helping my parents take care of it when I found a better job over here. The prices also seem to be fairly good. The totals are fairly close to what it would be if I ordered it online and paid for the shipping. I think the store in Totem Lake is crap. It always has been since they remade their fish room. The corals looked horrible from day one and they never seem to clean the tanks. They should take a little pride in their livestock and clean the tanks.
  7. Made the jump back to reefing

    Are there any good surface skimmers for a basic 29 gal AGA?
  8. Well now that all my life adventures have slowed down I am getting back into reefing. I have had a lot of stuff slowly getting stockpiled and ready for a new tank. I had a plan for an open top BC29 but decided on the last day of Petco's Dollar a Gallon sale to scoop up a 29 gallon. With that now I am looking for a HOB that I can use but can also skim the surface as a dirty surface is one of my biggest pet peeves. Does the AC series still make a skimming attachment? If so where would be the best place now to get a AC and this attachment that I can start modding into a fuge?
  9. Drill in BC29 false wall?

    Thank you Is the false wall siliconed into place?
  10. Drill in BC29 false wall?

    I have a pump to use for this flow I just need to know the structural integrity of the false wall.
  11. Drill in BC29 false wall?

    Ok, not the answers I am looking for I am not going to buy a $250 pump when I have all the makings to just drill the wall.
  12. Drill in BC29 false wall?

    Yes I know but I would rather have everything contained in one unit. I don't like the looks of other things outside the false wall.
  13. Drill in BC29 false wall?

    After researching for awhile and my past experience with my BC8, I am going to go for a BC29. One problem though is the lack of flow. I have all the makings for an extra pump and a Y'ed return with two 6" locline tubes. What I would like to do with all this is drill the hole for the bulkhead in the same compartment as the stock return. What I am worried about though is if I drill into this wall is that either one, it will crack, or two, it will separate the wall from the glass. Does anyone have any experience drilling into the false wall? Thanks!
  14. Ten Gallon Contest Thread *Finished*

    ugh well I have to drop out. I was just diagnosed with a branchial cyst that will take me out of commission here for a little while. I guess I'll have to start my tank later on. Good luck all
  15. Ten Gallon Contest Thread *Finished*

    Haha also known as Yaki Vegas and Yakicompton depending which side you enter on. Oh and "Welcome to the Palm Springs of Washington" I'll be getting my picture up once I get back over to the dry side of the state later tonight