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  1. That is awesome. Did you get it on the internet?
  2. haha
  3. Looking kinda scary as this large silverside comes out.
  4. This was taken before it up chucked a silverside.
  5. did you just start it with fish in there?
  6. photoshop can save in jpeg
  7. Not sure what size tank you have but I put in this one (50watt): in my fuge for my 10 gallon and it has been spot on 80.1 since I got it a few months ago. I would suggest putting it iin the water and letting it sit for about an hour or two before you plug it in. I think it made it easy to get the right temperature.
  8. Well my two shrimp, a cleaner and a peppermint have gone missing and the hitchhiker pistol shrimp (that I still can't find after many months) I think is the culprit. I know it is a pistol because if it was a mantis I probably wouldn't have the same amount of crabs and snails around. Also there was a shedded(sp?) carcass that was floating around before I got the two other shrimp. So, do they kill other shrimp for food?
  9. I believe it rests on it
  10. Or South Africa. My girlfriends parents just got back and they showed me some videos of it :pirate: People would approach him right when he took it out.
  11. It is hard to get in peoples faces when they are walking around the street.
  12. Any showing is a good showing I am still trying to get up the guts to do street photography.