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  1. bluebastion's Solana 67 XL

    Nice setup!!! I started mine slowly since mid 2011 but just filled with water after thanksgiving .
  2. Aiptasia and Lemon Juice

    I tried lemmon juice... no luck, kalkwasser... no luck, superglue.... no luck, peppermint shrimps.... no more aiptasia .
  3. with IS? never mind... just check the OP link. GLWS
  4. Tek T5 Opinions

    Tek fixtures are really good and no expensive at all, good quality reflectors and ballast. for your tank you can grow anything just make sure to acclimate your corals first.
  5. WTS MP10 Blue

  6. WTS MP10 Blue

    Vortech MP10 in working conditions, 1 year old and still running on my 20 gal. Comes with original box and as bonus i'm including one used test kit of your choice: Alk, Ca or Mg (all Salifert). Asking 170.00 included Fedex shipping (continental USA), insurance and paypal fees. PM is the key. Thanks
  7. wtb 150w mh pendant/ fixture

    I have a jbj viper k2 150w MH with an extra 3 months old 14000k Phoenix. I have the original box and would like 130 shipped.
  8. FS MP10 Blue driver

  9. FS MP10 Blue driver

    Got a MP10 blue driver (just driver). US$25.00 shipped
  10. One with 2 blue PODs and bus cable (SOLD), and One with bus cable and NO PODs (50.00 Shipped) Both have been upgraded with the lastest firmware. Functions A true 29.53 day lunar cycle simulation which some experts say encourages spawning cycles for many tank inhabitants. Smooth fade-in and fade-out help prevent quick light changes that startle fish. Expandability The MLC comes with 2 white LED pods and can be expanded to 6 (2-LED) pods if needed. You can also connect more than one MLC if you have a larger tank and if six pods isn't enough. Options The MLC supports both our pure lunar white and nocturnal blue moon light pods Upgradeability The MLC also has upgradeable firmware so you can take advantage of our developing feature set and new lunar features; and firmware updates are always free
  11. WTT: MP20 for your MP10es

    Where are you located?
  12. WTB: skimmer and mag 7-9

    I got a used mag7 for 50 shipped if you are interested.
  13. 28-135 USM

    EF 28-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS USM for Canon body, right?