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  1. Bubble algae will survive very well without light and is a PITA to get rid of.If you find any on the live rock after curing , scrape it off as it will tend to multiply in your tank very quickly. If you find any in your tank , don't pop it as it will release spores that will propagate as more bubble algae. William
  2. IM NEW Need info on setup

    Never pointless to have a skimmer or a sump on a 20 gal. In fact either or both are a good idea...IMO
  3. What water do I use?

    I have checked the TDS of the Walmart water here in New York and it is always 0..It is bottled in Kutztown, P.A.
  4. What water do I use?

    . What's wrong with Walmart distilled water. I don't think it's the water that's "FUBARING" your tank....I've been using 1 gal a day for topoff for 6 months with no ill effects. Everything in my tank is doing great in fact...
  5. Temperature during water change.

    Visa Therm makes a 50W heater that is 7 1/4 in long. It will fit laying down in a 2 1/2 gal white bucket bought from Home Depot. You should have no problem making up a gallon of salt water in that and letting it sit at 80 deg.
  6. Temperature during water change.

    I made larger batches of saltwater because I had a few other bigger tanks running and just used some of the water for the 2.5... You can get a small 2 gal bucket and a mini jet power head and mix a gal up in that.. If you have a slop sink or other means , you can put the whole 2 gal bucket in some hot water to get it to 80 deg...Or put a small heater in the bucket... After it's mixed ..Use 2 quarts for a water change( you're tank will love you for it) and then a week later use the other 2 quarts. or do 1 Qt every 3 days...Keep it in a 1 gal water bottle...It'll keep ok for a week as long as it's kept closed .Some people mix it overnight and some don't. I like to mix it at least 4 -6 hrs at 80 deg. As long as it is completely dissolved ..that's the important thing...I also put an airstone in to add oxegen to the mix...
  7. sump and overflow in a 10g?

    here's a pic of my 10 gal sump under my 20 gal long..the evaporation rate is about a gal a day http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v228/vyg...0pics/sump4.jpg
  8. sump and overflow in a 10g?

    That's always a problem with a sump... making it fit under the stand....especially for a small tank ....a 5 gal would be an option but not one that I would use. I would always be worried about an overflow. You could make the stand a little bigger to hold the sump if it's real important for you to have one. Sumps serve a great purpose but they also can be a PITA too...:~) I 've had tanks with sumps and tanks with no sump...
  9. Temperature during water change.

    I had a mini bow 2.5 running for about 1.5 yrs. ...nice little tank..Temp should be the same as the tank water. If it's alittle off don't worry 'bout it... Just fill the sink up with some hot water and put the salt water you make up into a quart container and let it sit in the water till it's the correct temp.Use one of the small floating thermometers.... I would change at least a quart or more a week...
  10. what is an awsome sandbed cleaner?

    Get some crabs/snails to move the sand around a bit...also sounds like you don't have enuf flow( water circulation) in the tank. How big is the tank....how many power heads do you have ...pushing how much water....direct a power head at the spots where the algae is building up. maybe you have some dead spots
  11. sump and overflow in a 10g?

    The overflo will take up quite a bit of room in the tank so to me a 10 gal would be a little small for it. Also I wouldn't use anything smaller than a 10gal sump with about 5 gal in it ...about half full so no worry about an overflow should the return pump quit ..
  12. Help with fans for DIY canopy

    My canopy is open in back. I would leave the back open for some air and if you should want to hang an HOB filter or skimmer or whatever.The power is a little step down transformer that you plug into the wall to convert the power from 110 volts to 12 Volts or whatever the particular voltage of the fan you use is.
  13. Help with fans for DIY canopy

    Here's a picture for ya'. Real easy to do.....
  14. Help with fans for DIY canopy

    Get a 3" or 4 " computer fan at a Radio Shack or store that sells them. Drill the appropriate hole in the side of the the canopy towards the middle and mount it there so the fan can blow over the light. Mount the fan on the inside of the canopy and get a matching grill for the outside to cover the hole. With this setup , you will have no problem with heat from the light. The fan will be low voltage so you will need an adapter for the voltage which you can also get at Radio Shack or similar store. I have a 20 gal long with a 65W and a 70W MH in a hood and my temp never exceeds 80 deg. with this setup.
  15. Skimmer woes

    Why not take a look at a Remora...I have one on my 10 gal and one in a sump on my 20 gal. They both go a good job as far as i am concerned pulling dark skimate out of the tanks..