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  1. Tank is Model 680 20X13.25X18(LXwXH)
  2. Thanks. But actually never had any algae whatsoever in that tank at all....As you can see from the other picture in the gallery ...Sunlight is not a cause for algae , nutrients in the water are...3 gallon water changes a week and a the deep sand bed... .These photo's were taken after the tank was already up and running for 6 months....aslo with the door closed and the shades drawn there is very little light in the room...
  3. Photo taken from 6 Gal Eclipse with 70W 10K Ushio
  4. 18 Gal Via Aqua under 80 W Orbit
  5. under 10K Ushio Bulb
  6. under 14K 70W Astra Lux
  7. yellow pollups
  8. 10 gal 70W Halide 14K Astra Lux
  9. GSP under 70w 14K Astra Lux in 10 gal
  10. pollups under 70W 14K Astra Lux
  11. 70w 14K over 10 gal
  12. 18gal Via Aqua 80w Orbit
  13. 18gal Via Aqua
  14. Thanks..Actually it is an upsidedown plastic cup in a 6 gal eclipse (under a 70W MH with an Ushio bulb) which I placed in my 18 Gal Via Aqua and Xenia started taking over the tank