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  1. New Products This week 12/27

    AquaEuroUSA 34 gallon Complete HQI Metal Halide Reef Aquarium System w/ Stand Ideal saltwater or reef aquarium. Perfect for home or office. Totaly complete HQI metal halide reef system. HQI Metal Halide 150W 14000K light produces an intense high PAR value light that closely imitates natural sunlight. Includes 6 blue LED moonlights for nocturnal viewing. Features programmable, digital, heavy duty light cycle timer and automated internal cooling fan with "intelligent" temperature control. The 5-Stage filtration system includes sponges, bio-balls, a UV sterilizer, a venturi protein skimmer and denitrator. Easy to operate unit includes two high-performance pump and a heater. Neptune Systems Energy Bar 4 Expansion Unit The EnergyBar 4 module features 4 independently controllable outlets. With power failure detection, active electrical current monitoring, and failsafe features make this power bar far better than any competing units. 4 independently controllable 120V Outlets (3 outlets @ 8 Amps, 1outlet @ 12 Amps, total current must be less than 15 Amps), Plug and Play, built-in 4 Port hub so that accessories can be easily added. Two Little Fishies MagFox Magnetic Hose and Pipe Cleaning Device The MagFox uses magnetic attraction to propel a small brush inside aquarium hoses and pipes, allowing it to clean away algae and other deposits that block the water flow. Patent pending design by Julian Sprung. Replacement brushes are also available. AquaMaxx Protein Skimmer Replacement Pumps We now carry Sedra, Sicce and Shark protein skimmer pumps separately in the unlikely event your original AquaMaxx protein skimmer pumps fails. Choose from replacement pumps for the AM100, AM150, AM250, AM350, AM500, HOB-1, Cone 2 and Cone 3. $124.99 to $249.99 each with models over $175 shipping for free. We also carry Replacement O-Rings, Replacement Impellers and more.
  2. We apologize for the delay. Those should be back up on the site today. We have not discontinued them. There was a technical error in updating those products. Check back in a couple of hours and they will be back on the site Ben www.marinedepot.com
  3. MarineDepot discounts?

    HI Folks, Sorry about the late reply here. I don't get around NR.com as much as before. I would suggest signing up for our newsletters to get sales and discounts along with articles from authors such as Anthony Calfo, Mike Paletta and so on. You can use this link to sign up http://www.marinedepot.com/md_optNewslette...ddemailForm.asp Let us know if there's anything we can help you with. Ben R. Marine Depot Customer Service
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  8. ~15 gallon acrylic tank?

    Shameless plug time......... Marine Depot Has them too
  9. which Mag pump for 29g

    Check the ratings on your overflow box and buy the largest pump that you can to match it up. I have a mag 9.5 on a SCWD on my 40 gal and I wish i went with a larger pump. The SCWD adds some head pressure to the pump. DRZL - are you a fellow shoe geek? just noticed the 1's on your avatar..... i'm wearing the 3's right now.... Not too many shoe heads are reefers too!
  10. Got you beat, ballast is an external IceCap so there's not that much heat if any and i do have the fans already.
  11. Ryan, According to our resident expert here, the hermissenda's also eat squids and from time to time clams. There have not been reports of them eating clams inside tanks, but only during lab experiments where the clams are chopped up for them to eat along with the squid. I don't have the person's name off hand for the Berghia's but you can post in their Yahoo newsgroups forum and get an answer right away. their website is www.maslac.org. The Acro with the white band is still there.... He started to color up and get red/purple tips, but then the tank started getting too hot. I refuse to get a chiller!!! The white banding is now gone so the tank should be fine for now.
  12. Hey Ryan, The Aiptasia eating nudi's work, but they do not come in too often and as with all nudibranch's can be difficult to acclimate. The Hermissenda crassicornis is what you have pictured. You can also use the Berghia Nudibranch for aiptasia removal. There is a local Berghia dealer, i think she belongs to the LA club. If you are in need of one you should always look for someone local who breeds them. The captive bred ones are much hardier. Ben
  13. Hey Folks, Don't know if it's been announced here before, but Anthony Calfo will be speakin to the SCMAS www.scmas.org this coming Friday. Also, there will be a frag swap the following day in Santa Ana. Info can be found on our site at www.SCMAS.org August 21st. Reef-A-Palooza The SCMAS Reef-A-Palooza Festival is coming to Santa Ana. Reef-A-Palooza will be a frag swap with a lot more to see and do. Start the day off at 11:00 AM with a members-only frag workshop conducted by Anthony Calfo. This part of the day only will be a limited engagement open to paid members of SCMAS, MASLAC, or SDMAS only. The rest of the events of the day are open to non-members as well. Then, at 1:00 PM, Reef-A-Palooza Festival will begin. There will be booths with local manufacturers, local fish shops and local vendors set up. They will be there to answer any question we have about their products and to introduce their products to us. The normal frag and equipment swapping of course will be going on through out the festival. And of course what is a frag swap without a BBQ. And, of cours, a world-class raffle to end the day. Raffle items will include: AquaC Skimmer Marine Depot gift certificates Zeovite Calcium Reactor (www.zeovit.com) Sunlight supply: dbl end 2 x 250w w/ reflectors Coralife: 175 watt MH pendant light set Coralife: Dual 96w PC light fixture Coralife: 55w PC retrofit kit Coralife: RO unit Coralife: Canister filter Coralife: Ozonizer Plus MUCH more! Vendors with displays will include: Marine Depot AquaC Zeovite Liquid Life USA (www.liquidlifeUSA.com) Reefer Madness (www.reefermadness.us) Aquarium World Exotics of Apple Valley Reef Collection Ecosystem Aquarium Clams Direct Plus more! Location: 1720 Santiago Street Santa Ana, 92706
  14. Are you going to MACNA?

    Hey Chris, I'll be there this year Ben