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  1. Sorry no updated pics yet..... maybe this weekend. I did add a Korallin Ca Reactor though..... only other thing i need is one of those Rio Seio pumps and i'm all set
  2. The SCWDs should be very silent. For the first few days, you may hear some noise coming from it due to air trapped in the gear box. This air will eventually get pushed away and so the noise will stop
  3. Hi Troy, Your order was received on the evening of May 5th. We shipped it out for you the following business day as we do with about 95 to 99% of our orders. As others have stated here, it usually takes 4-5 business days for delivery to you via UPS GROUND. There was no service delay with the shipment and I feel that there should be no reason to be upset as we fulfilled your order as requested. Please let us know if you have any other questions or concerns. Ben Marine Depot Customer Service
  4. Are these the same switches that Physh uses?
  5. I just got some info from AquaC. First of all, that poster is not him, someone just copied over a response on an email he sent out. Second, The smaller remora skimmer, is in the works. It will probably use a smaller pump such as the Maxi-jet 900. DRZL- the remora takes some time to get broken in. The bubbles will stop eventually as the skimmer gets broken in. And for everyone wanting to be Beta Testers, they won't be needing any....... I'm first in line
  6. I have had some luck using cyclop-eeze for my mandarin. I have spoken to a few people about Mandarins accepting the Cyclop-eeze (in the form of Marine Plankton from LLUSA) and they have all been favorable. I decided to try it out myself and the Mandarin was eating the cyclop-eeze during acclimation. You can even see him go after it every time I feed the tank with it.
  7. I know you posted in the Bird's post, but i will answer it here, Everything sounds good, but you may have too much live rock... as for the sand I would up that total since 20 pounds would only give you about a 1 inch sand bed. Also I would suggest looking into the smaller sugar sized sand. On the B-ionic, start at the recommended dose and increase it as you add more clams and corals into the tank. When i used it in my tank 40 Gal, I started at 15ml per dose then as I added more and more corals, I had to increase it to 30 ml daily. Powersweeps are quite a hassle to deal with, you will have to clean them quite often to get them to keep sweeping. I would suggest sticking with Maxi-jets and just pointing them at each other to have some random flow in the tank. HTH, Ben
  8. Krispy- The Coral Plankton is rotifers for feeding your corals. it also contains some pavlova algea for clams. Bio Plankton cotains 3 strains of phyto..... it is a frozen item unlike the refrigerated coral plankton and stores for a lot longer time. BP is great for the filter feeders in your tank.
  9. be careful of what you wish for. Healthy xenia and GSP colonies can take over a tank quickly.
  10. Ninh- from past experience, the spotlight pendants do not have a good spread of light. For a 12" tall tank, you will be okay with the 175W MH. I would suggest taking a look at the PFO Horizontal pendant. It will allow you to spread more of the light over your tank. Hey bird, i know this is your thread, but I just wanted to offer my expertise on the equipment.