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  1. RBTA!

    For those of you who love bubble tips! Post pics of yours sorry mine isn't the best quality!
  2. Bonded SA snowflake question

    Yes I plan on trying that. I will also try catching him at night or putting some food in a net. The first thing I would like to do is find him a good home to go to.
  3. Bonded SA snowflake question

    I know, I was just seeing if there was anyway I didn't know of. I'll try and find him a good home as I do not like taking fish to my LFS. Thanks for the input.
  4. Mandarin Dragonet

    If you feed your fuge pods every few months and keep the pod population high there is no possible way they will die off of starvation. If the pod population is kept up what is the difference between keeping them in a 29g and a 55g from a food standpoint?
  5. Bonded SA snowflake question

    That was my first thought. Then I remembered the last time I attempted to get a fish out of this tank. There is no way I can move rock around as almost all the Rock is completely covered in corals or anemones. Is it worth attempting to add the pair initially and then attempting to remove the clown afterwards? I mean is there any chance they won't disturb each other? Thank you very much your feedback is very appreciated.
  6. Bonded SA snowflake question

    Looking to add a bonded pair of snowflakes to my 90g reef. I'm hoping they will host as I have about 15 rbta's all around each other. The pair I would get are about 2" and 1.3". My only question is what is the likely outcome with me adding them while there is a 1.5" occelarris in there now. I don't want any fighting and understand that clowns don't typically get along in groups but find it hard to believe that the little guy in there now will be able to bully the pair to death. Any input is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  7. Algae? ID please!

    Hi I was wondering what this is. I'm sure it's some type of algae but no clue what. Thanks a lot! Sorry forgot to add picture, lol.
  8. the official bta show off thread!

    Red on green or green on red
  9. Nano Fish Suggestions..

    Before I got into larger reef tanks (90 gallon plus) I always had nano tanks. One fish I really wish I would have got back then is a snowflake clown, such beautiful fish and perfect for a small tank.
  10. From past experience, what site sells the best live rock? Most growth, prettiest, etc.
  11. Jbj clamp on metal halide 150w fixture. blue moonlights are out. Everything else great. bulb will need replacing soon. 90 + shipping. located in nc
  12. paypal. 20 shipped. good condition.
  13. FS: biocube 29 intank media rack

    bump, also have a hydor k nano-425 gph for 20 shipped. or both for 45 shipped.