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  1. FS: VorTech MP10 EcoSmart

    BUMP 165$ shipped. Paypal as gift or buyer cover paypal fees
  2. FS: VorTech MP10 EcoSmart

    Orlando, Fl
  3. FS: VorTech MP10 EcoSmart

    170$ shipped includes insurance. Pump is cleaned and boxed in the original box ready to go. If you've got a Nem, hammers, or frogspawn you'll want this pump, as it gets them swaying like no other pump. All keeps other corals free of debris PM with questions
  4. FS: VorTech MP10 EcoSmart

    $170 shipped Pump runs and sounds good. Not loud or any odd noises. When the pump was on my Solana it was never used past half speed, I cranked it up while cleaning it in a bucket and it has a small hum, but that's normal.
  5. FS: VorTech MP10 EcoSmart

    Bump, still available.
  6. FS: VorTech MP10 EcoSmart

    No trades at this time.
  7. I bought this Vortech MP10ES used from a local reefer and have since taken down my tank. Cleaned regularly. While on my tank, it was never used more than half power. Comes with everything seen in picture, pump, controller, power cables, black rubber spacer, box, papers. PM with questions and for Paypal. No holds first person to pay gets it. I used to have alot of feedback on this site, but its been a while since i've used. ***Manuf. Date March 9, 2011 $180 Shipped
  8. FS: Bubble Gum Monsta 20+eyes

    Bump, shipping is an option. Let me know if interested
  9. Up for sale is my bubblegum monster chalice. Not selling all my corals, just thinning out a little. Got the chalice with 4 eyes and it was tiny, the chalice is now bigger than a silver dollar and has 20+ eyes. I didnt count yet but there is ATLEAST 20 more than like more. There is a small amount of RTN but the coral will definitely grow back These photos are my actual chalice Asking $150 OBO Pickup only right now Orlando Area. Might be able to get my buddy who owns a shop help me with shipping if interested The eyes closed up when i lifted it for photos
  10. All pms replied to. Also, i do have a quite a bit of feed back on nano-reefs. I used to be a nano-reef junkie but i have slowed down with the hobie a bit (I should probably finish school sometime AHAHA)
  11. This is great way to keep fresh water to your tank & with the addition of Kalk you can keep your parameters stable. Kit needs to go, I have plans for new toys. $110 shipped Reactor $65 online MJ1200 $25+ online right there is $90 before shipping and tax, the acyrilic holding tank is almost FREE in this deal!!!!
  12. Original buyer fell through, so still for sale: For sale is my kalk reactor kit (plug & play system). The package includes: 1 - brand new Two Little Fishies Kalk reactor 300 1 - slightly used Maxi-Jet 1200 1 - brand new 10ft of black vinyl tubing 1 - brand new push to connect connector (to connect pump to vinyl tubing) 1 - brand new acrylic reservoir (14.5x9x14.5") roughly 8 gallons of water. If you haver never used kalkawasser before, do some reading, im sure it'll change your mind. I HIGHLY recommend kalk to all my aquarium friends, it stabilizes ph & and calcium levels in an aquarium, yes it can be dangerous to use, but if you do your reading, dont over load your kalk, and you run the reactor with your ATO water you will almost be 100% safe. I currently KALK rodi water is my ATO which is ran by a JBJ auto top off, i have never had a problem in 2 years of using. I had my tank with no kalk for the first year, I then started using KALK and my tank EXPLODED with growth, and has been growing rapidly ever since. This kit is ready to go, set up the reactor, attach the pump to your ato system, add rodi water to the reservoir, and watch your tank GROW. Asking $90 obo + shipping (US ONLY) Can send pictures if you'd like, the KALK reactor is a TLF (can be seen online) PLEASE PM if you have any questions, i can inform you on any knowledge you'd like about kalk.