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  1. I'd like to know if I should still run gfo while dosing with peroxide. Or should I stop running it when dosing? Thanks
  2. aquqcrab

    rock salt man

    DON'T DO IT (yes I know I'm shouting). You'd be crazy to do something so cruel.
  3. aquqcrab

    need help picking coral

    Yes I already have the ATI fixture with 6 bulbs.
  4. aquqcrab

    need help picking coral

    Already have all of the one's suggested. Any other suggestions.
  5. aquqcrab

    need help picking coral

  6. aquqcrab

    need help picking coral

    Hi I have a 40 breeder tank with 6 bulbs, ATI fixture. Are there any lps or sps that would do well if the PAR level was in the 180 -195 range. Has med to high flow. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  7. aquqcrab

    How do you clean the viewing panels of your nano reef?

    razor blade always works well for me
  8. aquqcrab

    Do you use reef keeping books as a source of information?

    had quite a collection but got rid of them & now just use the internet.
  9. aquqcrab

    What type of foods do you feed your fish?

    feed Limpits. tried to make my own but too messy & not worth it to me.
  10. aquqcrab

    Do you use a protein skimmer?

    I wouldn't think of having a tank without a skimmer. Mine died & for the few days before I got another one the tank was in really bad shape.
  11. aquqcrab

    Deep Sand Bed vs. Bare Bottom

    started with deep sand bed & switched to bare bottom & love it.
  12. aquqcrab

    Does your spouse or partner share your love of aquariums?

    No he doesn't share my interest / love of my reef tank. He will from time to time ask me if or how my rocks (he refers to my corals as rocks) are growing. He will do anything I ask as far as building anything I might need for my tank.
  13. aquqcrab

    Acans frag plugs starting to bother me

    I hate those plugs as well. Which is why I use rubbleinstead. But to answer your question I've used a chisel with more sucess then with a screw driver.
  14. aquqcrab

    Acan lovers, should I buy this?

    Beautiful piece. It's always hard to find just the right centerpiece. Looks like you did. congrats