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  1. most likely a wholesaler taking short videos to email over, post on fb, website etc to show their clients the highlights of the day, week.. etc etc and for people to who look up flameback angelfish on youtube like yourself lol
  2. Steezy

    kessil a350

    yes, gooseneck included
  3. Steezy

    kessil a350

    I have one kessil a350 narrow for sale. ive had it for 4 months i use 100 percent blue and 50 percent white 8 hours per day. 350 shipped. comes with original box. USPS priority with tracking number. paypal only. PM is key!
  4. Like Tinola mentioned about 6 hours. should get there in about two days with priority mail.
  5. Steezy

    light sensitive foggy water

    ya im already gunna order one or 2 as soon as i get my paycheck haha ive been using RO this whole time, and i checked all of my levels and everything checks out for the most part but i didnt read the phosphate part until now so i didnt get it checked out haha...just my luck!? Today the water was slightly better during the day once the lights were on for a while and i checked at 2am (because im part vampire) and the water was crystal clear so I'm sure it has to be algae related and only comes out to feast on my new lights -___-
  6. Steezy

    light sensitive foggy water

    thats cool im gunna look into getting one and as for my parameters im not sure, I'm going to run into the fish store and test them tomorrow
  7. Steezy

    light sensitive foggy water

    no i havent noticed any surface oils or anything out of the norm, && i didnt know they sold adapters to skim the surface, they sell them on amazon? im definitely going to take that into consideration. i got frustrated with the API quick start and added way more then i probably should have but did lots of water changes since. ive done %10 to even 60% SW changes to try and flush out some of the chemicals but no luck:/
  8. Steezy

    Peewee1467's 25 Gallon Cube

    so jelly, i want that kessil!
  9. Steezy

    light sensitive foggy water

    20g long 20ish pounds of mixed live/dry rock from old system tek t5 with ATI bulbs - 2 actinic, blue special, and fiji purple - suspended 6 inches about tank 2 aqua clear hang on filter systems for the 20-50g size with carbon and sponge old koralia, forgot what number but its one of the smaller ones 2.5 inch fine sand bed 100w heater - tank stays between 78 - 82 for the most part as for livestock small cuc, prob 6 snails all mixed handfull of hermits maybe 5 2 emerald crabs 2 clowns war coral 3 varieties of zoa frags frogspawn frag baby rose tip anemone a few ricordias
  10. Steezy

    light sensitive foggy water

    is this bad? and how do i get rid of it?
  11. so im not entirely new to sw reefs or nano-reef however ive never seen something like this. My last tank crashed in epic proportions some time back so i just set up my new on a month ago. I boiled all the rocks and rinsed the sand from my old system. I put API quick start and it didnt do anything to my levels so i just waited the month or 3 weeks till it cycled and now that its cycled i put corals in my tank and 2 false perculas. It was doing fine more or less in the days leading up to this but now has just become increasingly foggy when my lights (tek t4) come on during the day. And at night after the lights have been off the water goes back to normal and is crystal clear. Any ideas as to why this is happening? im all ears
  12. Steezy

    Macro Algae

    Hey there, so i've had macro algae in my tank since day one of inheriting the system from a friend of mine, over the past few months it has gotten to the point where i pull out miles of the stuff and it has taken over. Ive read some stuff on Hydrogen Peroxide dosing and some other ways of lessening the problem or getting rid of it i was just wondering what you guys recommend for a system like mine. 20G high Mixed corals SPS/LPS 2 False Percula 2 Bangai Cardinal 1 Skunk Cleaner Shrimp And heres a video i took after i pulled a bunch of macro out and as you can see, theres still a bunch everywhere Let me know what you think of my tank and any advice on the macro situation, thanks!
  13. Steezy

    Steezy's 20g High

    Rescaped my rocks to allow for more flow and places for the fish to swim through. Still not the greatest but its an improvement!