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  1. looks great! dont you think the background takes away from the synthetic coral
  2. 40b

    branching gsp doesnt produce the purple for me I don't know why! LED lit tank and bad focus. as soon as I reformat the camera ill bust out some fresh pictures
  3. sorry for the bad quality will update with further info and a thread.
  4. The growth of coral will take over in the tank. ask yourself more room for rock or coral? once they take over youll bite yourself in the butt because you have to chose either upgrade bigger tank size or take out live rock plus if everything is balanced your live rock load wont matter much!
  5. the frogspawn has come back to life after 8 months or so! im glad its back to normal.
  6. Took me a while to dial it in!
  7. hold fast is relating to the algae's way of staying put without a root system!
  8. I Actually had a pre existing tank running for a year and a half which I transfered everything so levels are actually better than before and the sand is the ocean crap with living stuff already in it and it is the smallest araganite possible. Very white and with my 6 bulb t5 aquaticlife everything seems to be looking great and healthier than before.
  9. im guessing its red hair algae
  10. the black sand makes your colors pop out. good job!!