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  1. 40r reef domain

    finally came around to showing off the tank with my mid water change routine. so here she goes. https://youtu.be/mefj9579sk4
  2. 40r reef domain

    Perfect, If your looking to buy and get it over the internet, I would do a little more research to find it closer and cheaper. I can always give you a number to my local fish tank store that might be able to drop ship and such. cool dudes over their and always ready to help. if you need more info and such just let me know. ill try taking pictures of the stand tomorrow. People around here have been opting for the stand to be 36" tall instead of the standard 30" just so that you don't have to look down at the tank. mines 30" and I wish I would have known i could have custom ordered the height size. oh well live and learn.
  3. 40r reef domain

    I bought the stand here in san diego, I believe its called an Economy LS stand. im sure if you google advance aqua tank LS stand you'll find what your looking for. They make it with different woods such as pine, oak, douglas fir. Ill try and take some more pics of my refugium, equipment, stand and such. Thanks for looking! Thanks for looking! just trying to share my experiences. I have lurked here on nano-reef for a bit and have stolen way too much knowledge without giving back. I think its my time to contribute
  4. 40r reef domain

    Update, soft coral split. which was very interesting. I was totally surprised and happy to say that I can successfully reproduce corals by means of aqua culture. I believe it says a lot, regarding the health, about my system. First the coral bubbled up like in the pics and then squeezed a section of itself like placing a rubber band around part of it its tissue. Then it split away and drifted off through the water column. I believe it bubbles up to stay buoyant to be able to drift through the currents. This is all natural and in the last pic you can see 2 pieces that I have placed in little holes in my rock right underneath the mother colony.
  5. 40r reef domain

    yea I had that and GHA for a while too, finally put in some algae fix took care of the GHA for a bit. still have some issues i'm battling. the reefing struggle.
  6. 40r reef domain

    Wanted to show some pics of this tank i've owned for 5 plus years now. Don't have full progression shots, but here are some humble pics with the crappy phone cam. Tank- advance aqua tank 40r Stand- Economy stand Sump- Eurofil 125 w/ custom refugium Skimmer- Bubble Magus NAC6a Lighting- Aquaray aqua beam pump- rio 2500 w/ Y check valve installed Heater- finnex titanium 200w Controller- reef keeper lite w/ therm probe Salt- red sea blue bucket FTS as of 2/16/15 The rest are reverse progression from who knows when hahaha. And thats it for now Thanks for looking and hope you enjoy some pics of the system!
  7. I ditched my razor too and went back to 6 bulb t5. Best thing I have done aesthetically and more surface area of coral tissue is lit up. Had good growth with the razor though.
  8. Tang suggestion for 40B

    make sure tang is healthy prior to purchase, and make sure you have plenty of different types of algaes to keep it fat.
  9. HalfPint's 40 Breeder

    dude the setup is one of a kind. Im very inspired! keep up the good work. quick question bulb combo?
  10. Lf LED light fixture

    do you have a name of the type of unit so i can google it? I was hoping to go all LED for down the road costs. I was looking at the new maxspect razor, but i dont feel it pushes out enough light.
  11. Lf LED light fixture

  12. Lf LED light fixture

    does anyone know of any full complete led fixture for a 40r or 40b, that have full control sunrise sunset with dimming capabilities/ moonlight, comparable to the tmc aquaray setups. single power cord and timer ability already on the unit like the aquaticlife fixtures. if not, how much to make $wise and will it be capable? A fixture that is like the aquaray and aquaticlife had babys! LED Discussion! Also that covers the whole tank for sps purposes, like a 6 bulb t5 unit does! no dead or dieing spots of light.
  13. Pure Imagination 40r

    Shoot man I wish. Im stuck using a couple of friends iphones, but when they cruise over ill try and get some better pics. The black axil chromis are not really different from the regular ones. They just have a darker hue to their color and a small black line on their body underneath the pectoral fin. Im actually hoping to get my hands on a bunch of different chromis. I appreciate the kind words. I was actually having trouble getting water movement. The korallia 1400 was not enough in my opinion, and the mp 40 wouldn't move the water on the other side of the tank. so I figured if I can get the korallia to circulate the water in an oval motion then the mp40 will sit very great in 100% reefcrest mode
  14. Pure Imagination 40r

    oh and I added the mp40 which pushes some great amounts of water.
  15. Pure Imagination 40r

    update with some photos! I have 3 black axil chromis and 1 regular chromis for fish. 100ml of bio-pellets were added and im going to stick with aquablue special bulb because the ge 6500 made the tank too yellow for my taste. Some coral were given away to make room for coral growth as well as adding a nice purple goniopora. Peppermint shrimp were added to rid of my aiptasia problem. The peppermints really did the trick. Thanks for looking!