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  1. Any Canucks use FragBox.ca?

    I have purchased and traded a few frags with him before. Really nice guy and the coral was healed and in perfect condition. Never bought through is website but meeting him personally was an exceptional experience.
  2. New Skimmer Bubbles >_>

    Just breaking in, give it a week or two and you should see it working as it should.
  3. aqua illumination sol question

    Yes the apex does allow those features. I don't personally own an apex but have seen it in person.
  4. Calvin415's ADA 60P

    Are you still running the same lighting schedule? How is your growth?
  5. 15 gallon Kessil lit.

    should be cool!
  6. Hammer Coral...Where'd I go wrong?

    I think it will be fine, my clown just started hosting my frogspawn and torches so for a good week or so they were slimy and closed up quite a bit. Patience is key, coral does weird stuff for no apparent reason.
  7. 34 Gallon Solana Still Exist?

    Yes it does but without the overlow in the back now. It is on the current website, might be called a cardiff http://www.current-usa.com/aquariums/solana
  8. hydor nano slim skim

    mine is silent. Is it brand new? Takes a little time to break in, make sure the air valve is open
  9. Beginner "Indicator" SPS?

    I find monti and birdsnest is fairly easy to keep, some acro's are more difficult. MILLI! ERR I lost 2 frags of milli for some strange reason.
  10. March's 15g. Taking the tank down

    I my Rapid LED's What is this?
  11. "Clean" vs "Natural" System

    Well I started with some live rock and when I upgraded I got dry rock and cycled it. As long as you add in a few QT pieces of live rock you will get coraline growth. Me personally like the random little hitchhikers you get. Now I have had some bad stuff which I quickly got rid of when I QT my rock. Copepods will make it through your return pump and into DT. Only a few will get killed.
  12. Austin's 15g Long - AI Sol, NEW FTS OCT2

    I will in a few weeks, when their is some noticeable growth
  13. LFS That Treat You Like Crap

    There is a store that I have been to a handful of times, prices are insane, and not one employee will give you a moment of their time unless you plan on purchasing hundreds of dollars at a time. My lfs which is only a few minutes away has treated me like crap on a number of occasions. The fish sales side of it is great but all dry goods and management. I have spent thousands over the years on reef and freshwater related stuff and every time I need to return something or get something ordered it is a big deal. Any small business should want your money and you as a customer.
  14. Random Green Frag ID

    It is a mushroom, when they get shriveled then they are hard feeling.