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  1. RO/DI

    The first section of the second image lists the cholarmine/chlorines found in the water, I would use a RO/DI that has filtration for chloramines. I have used a spectrapure for the last 4 years and have been very happy. AZdezertrat is a strong supporter of spectrapure an can answer any water quality questions in more depth than the Marianas Trench.
  2. RK_Tek's 25g rimless-DIY Addiction

    I moved the tank for the last time tonight. We finally bought a house about 5 miles from our current rental so I drained the display and sump, put everything in temporary containers and loaded then entire stand with sump and lights into my truck and drove it over. This saved about 2 hours of tear down and reassembly. Other than a few birdsnest tips, there were no casualties. Now I just have to save up for my big tank.
  3. Our War Zone - In-House Production, What Does It Take?

    I made an acrylic box for filter socks that I think is similar to what MikeTR is requesting. The drain lines go into the small chamber which overflows into the sock. Changing socks is painless as no plumbing gets in the way
  4. 3 Foot Long Nano - Video Update

    Thanks for the live stream. A welcome relief to the workday
  5. FREE NanoBox Reef Mini Tide : Contest Time!

    White with walnut top. Please!!!???
  6. Totally focused on the wrong subject in this pic
  7. 32M. Almost married but I'll play. Gotta love on the reefer ladies
  8. Hope everybody is enjoying their long weekend. I doubled down and had Sonic for lunch and DQ for dinner. Got a small brownie batter blizzard to split with the little lady. I got three bites. Spent the day scrubbing the new house literally ceilings to floor to get the cigarette tar out of there, then started painting. I spent more at lowes today than I've given the bank for this house so far.
  9. Recommend me a drill to buy

    The problem with corded drills is they don't have a clutch and they don't stop immediately when you let off the trigger. Two things that you need when drilling glass. If the need arises. Sometimes it's also a pain to get an extension cord just for a small job.
  10. Much better looking and easier to clean than egg crate. And easy to reconfigure as corals are added/removed. Really like these
  11. I've flooded every house/apt I've lived in which is 6-7. Worst was a 2 story apt with the bathroom above the dining room. The water would run down the light fixture then drip on the floor. In 2 apts I never knew where all the water went. Under the cabinet and then through the floor I suppose. They were both terrible with bad landlords. I didn't care
  12. Recommend me a drill to buy

    Ridgid from HD comes with a lifetime battery warranty. We had several that got used daily and haven't had a problem in 2 years. I bleed dewalt and have had my cordless drill for 14yrs now. I've replaced batteries, but the drill keeps going. Plumbers swear by Ryobi bc they are cheap enough you don't get pissed when they get ruined, but they work well. Electricians use makita bc they have more money and are dainty with their drills. Except the 1/2" stud drill. That's Milwaukee. Basically, these days it's hard to go wrong if you buy a professional or commercial product from any of the big companies. deWalt's $99 18v drill sucks, but if you get one of the upper level drills, they go forever
  13. Hey Lawnlord, I gotta buy a mower for the house. Looking at the Toro push mowers, do you have a favorite model or are they all pretty good? I'll more than likely get one from the commercial line. Aluminum deck? Or do they fatigue and crack?
  14. Well, the reef budget has officially been sunk. There's a gas receipt with an IOU scribbled on the back in dried out marker left where my reef fund used to be. I bought a wedding band that was twice as much as I had planned, then bought a house today. But that means that I get a great big tank that I can let grow out and not move every year
  15. Obviously autocorrect is not conducive to reeding for sale threads